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I am an Artist in both the mediums of oil and acrylic, sometimes pastels. Most of my Art classes in oils and acrylics and even Charcoal have been in Head Painting and Head Drawing and have been taught by a Master in his field of both color and Head Painting and Head Drawing. These classes have been at the College level in the Fine Arts. Over the years I have also taken many classes in College level Creative Writing and other writing classes including Journalism.

While still interested in the paint medium, I am presently interested in Writing and now writing mostly about the early years (pre WWII) of my growing up in a small, coal mining town in Pennsylvania. While it is based on real events, I have added to it to make the flow of the stories more interesting. In most cases I have changed the names of the characters in my Growing Up stories. I am planning on using these stories to comprise a novel in the near future. Hope you enjoy my stories!

Info on the header:

The present header is a pencil sketch I did of my sister and myself when we were two and four years old. I was the younger one.

I will be changing the header from time to time to go with the stories….

24 thoughts on “About Page

  1. Oh, I’ve been working with a writer who covered all the coal mining disasters and strikes in the ’60’s and ’70s as a news correspondent back east. These were things I was hardly aware of growing up but I’m certainly glad I’m getting educated about them now through his writing. He went over to WA. D.C. and N.Y. to gather a bunch of his old stories from library archives. Fascinating and heartbreaking stuff. So I’m very interested in reading your stories.


  2. I just read through four or five of your poems and decided to come to your about page to learn more about you. I look forward to taking Blogging 201 with you.


    1. I have been around but not doing much. But planning on doing more on Blog. Always nice to see your postings. 🙂


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