What are Nature Devas? — The Rainbow Veil

When my Spiritual Awakening began, one of the first things I started seeing at that time was Earth Elemental Spirits, also known as Nature Spirits. In the time leading up to my awakening, I honestly didn’t think there was a God. I’d lost my faith. So when I started seeing spirits of all different sizes […]

What are Nature Devas? — The Rainbow Veil

MY UNCLE TOM continuing

Some of the people in the story.
My sister and I and a cousin.

Mom was gravely ill and not expected to live very much longer.   She was in her seventies and had severe diabetes.  She had to be injected with insulin every day.  Her youngest daughter, Mary, who was about twenty five at the time, gave her the injections and kept the needles sanitized and in a special box, which was kept on a high shelf just in case one of the grandchildren was visiting.

We lived several blocks away and since my mother couldn’t be there with mom all the time because she had four children that needed her attention, the sisters came up with a plan.  We lived not far away on an incline and our house faced downhill towards mom’s house, which allowed us to see from our upstairs window, mom’s upstairs hall window.    Since we did not have a phone because we could not afford one, it was arranged that if mom took a turn for the worse, one of the sisters that still lived with mom, would pull down the shade and mother would know to come quickly!  We all kept our eyes on that window as often as we could and one day I spotted the shade had been pulled down!  I alerted my mother and she asked me to go with her and my older sister would watch the younger ones.  A neighbor and friend of my mother would come in and check on the children from time to time and made sure they ate and got ready for bed that night.

So my mother and I rushed down to mom’s and as fate would have it, mom was hanging on.   It seemed she was waiting to see my mother before she passed.  Mother had been sitting , talking with mom to keep her company.  She noticed that mom was was having a hard time keeping her eyes open.  Then as mom lay there in the bed, she suddenly sat up and with her eyes glazing over, she mumbled something that mother at first did not understand.   But as she leaned in and listened closely to what mom saying, she was surprised at what she heard.  

Mom was talking to relatives who were not in the room but  who were now dead.  These relatives had been dead for quite some time.  She spoke to them as if they were in the room with her.  Mother told us later that the hair on her arms was tingling.  Then mom said she saw a white light which dazzled her as she fell back on the pillows in a swoon.  “It was very peaceful”, mother told us later, “as she passed into another realm”.

My mother told that story so many times after that and I had it ingrained in my mind since that time.  So it was passed around the family.  Many years later after I married and had children, I recounted it to them.

But getting back to Uncle Tom……………………

To be continued.


I have edited this excerpt from the story, “My Uncle Tom”, and am publishing it here again to see if it is better now or not!  Your input is appreciated.  Thanks.


My Uncle Tom

Sister and I

Uncle Tom was my mother’s only brother.  I never knew him very well because he was so gruff and grim and very rarely spoke to children.  As a child, whenever my sisters and I, along with my mother, would visit my grandmother’s house, Tom would be sitting at the kitchen table eating and reading the newspaper. That’s the only place I ever remember seeing him.  Funny I remember him at all because his face was usually buried in the newspaper.  I am not sure if he was interested in politics because he never seemed to engage anyone in conversation, least of all the children.   At least never more than a grunt and that was to ask either mom or one of his sisters for more coffee or more to eat.

Tom had dark hair and always had a five o’clock shadow and if he had any personality, it was never apparent.  The only way I knew anything about him was through my mother and her sisters. They talked about him behind his back of course.  The strange thing though was they always used the name “Dick” when they referred to Tom.  My sisters and I always assumed that Dick was his name.  We never found out that his name was Tom until we were adults!

Tom did have a favorite sister and that was Lily, one of his older sisters.  She was married and living with her husband in another State.  New Jersey was the State and eventually most, if not all of the family eventually moved there for the jobs.  There was work in New Jersey for both men and women.  But at this time, Lily was the only one of the family that lived there.  The reason being that her husband Frank got a good job working in the ship-yards in New Jersey before and during the War.  The second world war that is, or WWII as most people were calling it.

This was a few years before America got into WWII  and the young men were either being drafted or joining up with the Army, Navy or the Marines.  The older men, by that I mean men in their thirties and forties were going where the jobs were and also helping the war effort. They were glad to get the jobs as there  was no work in Northeastern Pennsylvania except the coal mines.   No one in their right mind, wanted to work in the coal mines.  You either died in a mine accident or died more slowly from “black lung”.  Jobs had been scarce for a long time in that area and the men and their families sometimes had to work in the mines because they couldn’t afford to move to New Jersey or their families didn’t’t want to move.

Tom was deferred from the service because he was the only man in the family.  His father had died a few years before from an accident in the Coal Mines.  His sisters worked in the silk mills and Tom did also but the pay was not that good.

The younger men elected to leave the area rather than work in the mines.   Since New Jersey was the closest State to northeastern Pennsylvania where we lived and had a lot of good paying jobs, especially now with the rumors of war and the buildup of companies making the machinery of war.  It was only natural that a lot of young men in the area would migrate there.  Also, the pay was much better in New Jersey.

But back to Tom.  He worked in the silk mill closest to where he lived.  Several of his sisters worked in silk mills also.  I know my mother would talk about the time she worked there.  It was interesting mostly because my mother was a good story teller.  In fact, when my friends would come to our house to either pick me up for a dance or other activity we were going to do, or just to visit, they would be entranced by the stories my mother would tell.  A lot of the stories were about ghosts and graveyards and they would scare both my friends and my sister’s friends. However, they always wanted to come back for more which they did on a regular basis.

There was a definite smell that clung to my aunts who worked at the mill.  It was a medicinal smell that was not pleasant.  It just seemed to ooze out of them and when they would come to visit us and we would complain to my mother about the smell, after they left of course.  She would try to explain where the smell came from and told us to never to mention the smell in front of the aunts.  As far as I know, none of us ever did .  Most of the older sisters, including my mother had to quit school after finishing eighth grade.  This was because she, as well as the other older sisters had to go to work in one of the mills, to help the family survive.   There was not  much, if any other work in the area at that time.   Tom refused to work in the mines.

Mom, she was my grandmother but she insisted that her grandchildren call her ‘mom’ because she thought grandma made  her seem too old.  My mother and her other sisters who had children did not mind that we then had to call our mothers,  ‘mother’.   It was the Irish way anyhow!

Lily and her husband Frank were much loved by mom.  I think one of the reasons was because Lily was a good Catholic and went to church on a regular basis and mom was very religious.  Lily’s husband Frank was also a good Catholic.  Lily also had a big family consisting of five children, only one was a boy.  John was his name.   He was named after his grandfather and mom loved that.  John was also very spoiled by his mother and indeed by his sisters also.

Lily doted on John and sent him to Catholic school when he was in high school, which was several towns away from where they lived.  He had to take the streetcar to get there.   Whenever either myself or my sister, Anna would see him on the streetcar, we would address him as ‘Jackie’ because that’s what we called him when we were younger.  He would now correct us and say “John please”!

Lily decided early on that John should become a priest, which of course the nuns were happy about and encouraged this.  Mom was extremely happy about this also.  In fact, John was her favorite grandchild!   The other grandchildren were relegated to somewhat lower positions.

So Lily was the ‘Golden Girl’  and her family got most of the attention from mom.  I never heard any of the other sisters complain about their children being left out of mom’s affection but I do not believe they were happy about it.  I do remember being snubbed however whenever my sisters were visiting mom and Lily and her family were there also.

Lily’s girls had taken dancing lessons, tap dancing and were always asked to perform for everyone to much applause and adulation.   Of course they were always dressed in the latest fashion which Lily would donate to my mother for her ‘girls’ when they were done with them.  The material of the dresses was always taffeta and lace and we would refuse to wear them because they were too fancy for us.

To be continued.

To Coffee or not To Coffee? — Rantings Of A Third Kind

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Cleaning products can kill pets, warns PDSA — Katzenworld

Hi everyone, Today we’ve got an important message from our friends over at the PDSA in regards to cleaning products. Just like many of you we too like our place clean and tidy but often people forget that certain cleaning products can be more than just a little harmful to our fur friends… That’s why […]

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Murder in a Small Town


Murder In a Small Town


Chapter II

After Joe was expelled from Catholic School, his family put him in public school.  He continued to have problems because he was always getting into trouble, which included  minor things like pranks on fellow students.  These at first seemed harmless enough, but were escalating to more serious offenses, such as putting a mouse in a teacher’s desk drawer, which scared the teacher to death.  Next he got into a fight with another student and when called into the Principal’s office, he mouthed off to the principal.   It was obvious he was escalating in his trouble making.

Although the public school was a lot more lenient than the Catholic school had been, he managed to graduate by the skin of his teeth.  Before he graduated however, he managed to get his girlfriend pregnant.  The girl and her parents were not happy, to say the least. So a  hasty marriage was arranged by both his and her parents, with only the immediate families attending.  This happened only a few months after both Joe and Janet had graduated from high school.

They moved in with his parents for the time being and with his father’s help, Joe landed a job working with his father in an auto mechanic shop as a trainee.  They planned on finding an apartment of their own as soon as possible, with the parents help of course..

After being married a few months, Janet had a miscarriage.  There were mixed feelings about this among the family members.  Joe was not happy because the pregnancy was a big reason he felt he had to get married and now here he was stuck with a wife and barely eighteen years old.  Both of their parents were confused but felt it was too late to do anything about it.

The young couple went on to find an apartment and not long after, Joe started his new job with his father.  It was six months since they married and Janet was getting restless staying home alone while Joe was off at work and she started nagging him about maybe getting a job herself.

“What do you think of the idea”?  she asked Joe when he walked in the door from work.

“What idea”?  he said.

“Of me getting a job, instead of lounging around here all day in this tiny apartment”?

“A wife is supposed to stay home and let her husband support her.  Besides, you have not recovered from the miscarriage”.  Joe said.

“I am fine and it has been a few months”.

“Well, I do not like the idea of you going to work, makes me feel like I am not doing my duty as a husband”.

Janet was not prepared for this attitude from Joe.  He was acting like an old man instead of the teenager he was.  So she decided to drop the idea for now.  No use getting into an argument over it.  But she knew she would get her way soon enough.


To be continued.


Cat’s Psychology – Time to Understand – Part 1 — Katzenworld

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The tale of two star-crossed felines, with special thanks to Sarah Piggott from RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre. A rough patch Patch came into our care in May of last year. His owner had far too many cats to care for – they were all under-socialised and very timid. The household then suffered a house fire,…

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I am reblogging this story from Katzenworld to call attention to the fact that people can adopt pairs of kitties who have bonded with each other and shouldn’t be separated.  They make great pets.


We people being fastidious while choosing a right food for us then why we are not concerned while selecting our pet’s food carefully? Past few years, many heated discussions are going on on pet food industries. It puts all the pet owners in confusion of whom to believe while buying food for their pet. While […]

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