Up to now I have been for John Edwards for president. He has the message I think we need in this country. Stop the running of the government by the big corporations. They keep on making billions of dollars while we the little people languish. We work for minimum wage trying to support our familiies, paying taxes (more than the billionaires) and lacking health care coverag and can’t even afford to put gas in our cars. And it is getting worse all the time. With jobs going to other countries to help the greedy corporations make even more money with paying slave wages to the poor, hapless people in those countries who think any wage is better than none. And getting tax breaks to do it.

In the meantime prices on everything in this country are going up, i.e. food, clothing and gasoline prices, including heating oil. Where will it end?

We are paying for a war in Iraq that some commentator recently said costs us 9 billion a month! While we have people living on the street and under bridges (including working people, mothers and children). What’s wrong with this picture? Why do we put up with it?

Well most of the people in this country don’t vote. Can you imagine? They throw up their hands an say why should I vote, it doesn’t count anyway? Some are just too lazy to get their butts to the polls or to register to vote. And lot use these reasons as an excuse. But some are just to poor to care and have no way to get to the polls.

And now some think Obama is the next Savior. He does make a good speech and he may get the young people to the polls which is great. But can he deliver on all his promises? I don’t think so. He is still in his first term as senator from Illinois. Before that he was a state senator. I don’t think that qualifies him to be president!

I would hate to see him in office when the first crisis comes down in some remote part of the globe. We need to have a fast reaction to the crisis. Think about it. Do you want to see him at the controls in a real emergency that affects this country? I know I don’t feel comfortable with that picture.

As I said I was for John Edwards and I still like his message and I believe him when he says he is not taking any PAC money from the Washington insiders who are hoping to influence him when he is president. In fact I think all the elections including and especially the presidential election should be paid for by public funds and everyone gets the same amount of money. And the TV, radio and all other means of communication have to donate their time for the messages of the candidates.

Then we wouldn’t only have millionairs and billionairs running for office and maybe the common people would have a chance to be elected to office. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think we sorely need a woman in the White House and not as First Lady! As the president! We have seen what the men can do and it has been pretty bad. Wars, homelessness, no health care, higest gasoline prices in history to name a few. I think a woman can do much better. We should at least be allowed to try. A woman certainly can’t do worse than the men who have been president!

So I have changed my mind and am voting for Hillary. She has the proven track record and the experience we need to run the country. So she is not perfect. Who can you think of who had been president has been? Yeah I thought so, you can’t think of one. And not to go back in time but why now? When the Clintons were in office the country was not at war, the budget was balanced (in fact we had a surplus), people were working and able to afford to buy homes and even save money. What a concept. Oh and yeah all the other countries didn’t hate us. Diplomacy was going on.

Let’s give Hillary a chance. I think she is the only woman who can pull it off and actually get elected in spite of the conservatives (including the religious wing of the Republican party) who will pull every dirty trick in the book to see that she doesn’t get elected. She needs the women, the old, the young, the middle aged women. Let’s for once in our lives all vote together and get her elected.

The time is now!