Mother at Christmas
Mother at Christmas


This is a picture of my mother around Christmastime.  Christmas was always a little brighter when she was around.  She had a ‘heart of gold’ and a disposition to go with it.  Wherever we lived, be it palace or barn, it was always better when she was there.  She made it ‘Home’ wherever we lived, so I can never think of home, without thinking of her.

For Photo Challenge

Developing your eye, #1

Triumph Over Adversity

Finishing this class was a Triumph for me.  I really was getting into it and enjoying doing the going out and taking photos, etc.  But midway through the class my beloved cat, Merlin, got sick and after only a week passed away.  I did a few posts about him here with pictures.  I could not function for several days to do much of anything.  But then, I  slowly started doing the class again with the help of this little “Lady” my other cat.  She is a sister to Merlin and they got along great, mostly.  She is helping me immensely by being there when I need her, to talk to and pet whenever I miss Merlin too much.  She seems to understand what I am going through.

So my triumph was getting through this class, while at the same time the class helped me through a really painful time, which is not over yet.  But with Lady’s help and doing my blog and friends and family’s help, I will get through this.

Thanks for listening.



Landscape in Mariposa, CA
My sister’s property in Mariposa, CA.

My sister has five acres of property in Mariposa, CA.  It also has a house in the front and to the middle of the property.  It is not far from Yosemite Park or as she and her husband call it, “The Park.”  It is a beautiful area but it is hot in the summer, up to 115 degrees, and in the winter, it can get into the 20 degree temperature.  Also they have had snow on several occasions .

I cropped the original photo and didn’t think it needed any more cropping.