Merlin and LadyMerlin and Lady  Continued

So long story short and after mulling it over for a few days, I decided to take on another kitty.  Well let me tell you, it was havoc for a while especially since neither Merlin or Lady seemed to be happy about the arrangement.  I had to keep Lady in the bathroom, at least while I was at work and for sleeping at night.  Fortunately, I had a large bathroom at the time, so Lady had some toys, a bed and litter pan.  She seemed happy enough although Merlin was certainly not happy.  He had never been in the same room with another cat.  And being that he was very protective of me he would sleep in the bedroom doorway doing guard duty all night, because he knew that creature was in the house!

The days I was home of course Lady had the run of the house.  So they both had to get used to having one another to contend with.  Merlin was unhappy when Lady would get on my lap, which happened pretty quickly as Lady was a lap cat.  And then when they were both with me on the big recliner, Lady had to perch on the top of the chair near my head.  Merlin on my lap of course.  Merlin continued to give her dirty looks all the while.

This went on for quite a while but they did eventually get used to each other.  And as the years rolled by they have become fast friends, at least as much as cats can ever be friends.  Merlin continues to give Lady dirty looks especially when they are both on my lap and she is closer to me than he is.  They even nap together as evidenced by the picture above!