A Friend on a Desert Island Tra La


Actually, I would choose my daughter to be on a desert island.  Not that I would like her to be there of course but in theory.  I think first and foremost she would need a Starbucks, as she cannot function without her dry, short cappuccino.  If no one else was there, I am sure she could make her own drinks.

Next would be a supply of note books and pens mostly to sketch her little creatures she does a marvelous job with.  In fact, she has made a business out of this which is very profitable.  The next thing would be a supply of reading material, books of all kind to keep her entertained.  Of course a computer and a TV would be essential for watching movies and to keep her business going.  She is an Illustrator and one cannot do that without a computer!

A water purifier would be essential and to make the coffee, and a latte mug would also be nice.  The Starbucks of course would have most of the essentials such as food, goodies etc.

I think that about wraps it up.



As I was growing up in the forties, the closest thing to a hero I and a lot of other kids and adults in the USA had, was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He literally saved our lives. He not only provided jobs for the masses, but also food for the poor families. He got us thru the depression and WWII to emerge a stronger nation than ever before.

I did a photo realistic portrait of him and wanted to share it with everyone who is interested.

The Illustration Friday  theme this week is “Homage.”