This week’s word for Illo. Friday is “WORRY.”

When I learned that the word for this week for Illustration Friday was “worry,” I immediately thought of the person you see in this sketch. So I did a quick graphite sketch of him. In fact, I think his face should be in the dictionary next to the word. Of course he may, in real life not do that much worrying but he certainly looks like a worrier. What do you think? And see if you can guess who it is. Have fun.


Here is my contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “Primitive”. I sketched it in graphite and used soft pastels for the colors.

There are four kinds of Great Apes: Gorillas, Orangutans, Chimps and Bonobos. Gorillas, Chimps and Bonobos live in Indonesia and spend much of their time alone.

Some scientists think that humans should be considered Great Apes too. Chimps share more genetic material with humans – about 99% – than they do with Gorillas.

For more information about Great Apes.



As I was growing up in the forties, the closest thing to a hero I and a lot of other kids and adults in the USA had, was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He literally saved our lives. He not only provided jobs for the masses, but also food for the poor families. He got us thru the depression and WWII to emerge a stronger nation than ever before.

I did a photo realistic portrait of him and wanted to share it with everyone who is interested.

The Illustration Friday  theme this week is “Homage.”