My Gallery Of Paintings

Here are a few more paintings I did several years ago.  Most are done in acrylic and some in oil.  Hope you like them.  Comments are welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Merlin Among the Posies Acrylic
Merlin Among the Posies
Flowers in Vase
Flowers in Vase Acrylic

Daily Post/A Day to Remember

My version of a section "The Artist's Studio" in acrylic
“The Artist’s Studio” After Gustave Courbet Acrylic Painting

I know if I had been given a day to do anything I wanted as a kid, I would have bought one of each of the boxes of candy that were in the machine in the movie house.

Being an avid movie goer from an early age, I of course liked candy.  You might say I loved candy!  And going to the movies and having all the candy I wanted was my idea of Heaven.  But I digress.

Being an adult for many years now, I have different dreams and desires.  Not the least of which is Art!  I became interested in art late in life but since then I have taken advantage when I could, to not only become an artist but to find occasions to see and appreciate art.

So if I had unlimited funds at my disposal to do anything I wanted for a day, I would travel to places where the greatest art resides.  I would start at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, staying at the best hotel in New York City and of course eating at the finest restaurant I could find.

Next onto Paris and the Louvre Museum and again the best hotel and finest restaurant.  Then, still in Paris, the Musee de Orsay where I have for a long time, wanted to go to see the painting, “The Artist’s Studio,” by Gustave Courbet which takes up a whole  wall of the Musee de Orsay.

Then onto Italy and Rome, and to the Sistine Chapel which is a work of art in itself.  Then time permitting on to Milan and Florence.

I realize there may not be enough time to do all that I’ve listed here but I would try to squeeze most of the museums in.  Also, may not need the hotels except for showering and changing clothes, etc.  The food may be  a hurried event, but I will be eating as much as I can of my favorite foods.  Pasta in Italy, croissants in Paris with lattes of course.  And in New York, deli food would be my favorite, bagels, knishes and like that.

Sounds like the perfect day to me with of course, using as many of the twenty-four hours as possible.  I can always sleep later right?