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My sister and I
My sister and I

The word for today for the Daily Post today is sincere.

I really can’t think of anything to write, especially about this word.  Guess I am kind of blocked!  I haven’t been doing much writing for quite some time but recently I set up a special tablet dedicated to Creative Writing.

Since I already do what I call the A.M. notes of daily events and thoughts, I needed another tablet just for writing for my Blog.  So I am getting there, also have had a story that’s been percolating in my brain for a long time now, years at least.  About two weeks ago I actually started putting the story into writing.  I think it is definitely going to be an interesting story and it is based on true events that happened in the small town where I grew up. It involves a murder that happened in the town which was very sensational.  Also, it was during the time when WWII was raging.  I have been meaning to write this story for a long time and the participants are old now or dead so it will be kind of difficult to get specific details.

I have done a lot of research but there is still a lot more that needs to be done.  Especially since this happened so long ago and details are pretty fuzzy.  In fact, one of my cousins told me he did not think I should write about it.  But of course, I will not take his advice.  Anyway, let me know what you think? Should I go ahead with my research and follow through with this dramatic story or leave it alone and pursue another storyline altogether?

Thanks for your interest and comments.



A Sudden Downpour

Main St. (during a parade)
Main St. (during a parade)


I was out walking along Main Street, as I try to do most days, usually for the exercise and sometimes to buy a few things I need.  Main Street  has quite a few stores within the several  blocks I walk.   Several banks, and a Post Office are in the area also which it makes it convenient.  Of course a coffee shop or two just happen to be located on Main Street also,which I have been known to frequent on more than one occasion.

As I was walking along deciding where to go next,  suddenly  a  flash of lightning followed by a great noise of thunder struck, making me jump!    I decided to duck into the library as it was the closest building at hand.  More than a few people had the same idea it seemed as the library was crowded.  Of course I did not have an umbrella with me at the time, so I decided to stay for a while.  I found an empty chair at one of the long tables  and draped my jacket over the back.  The library was one of my favorite places so I decided I would pick out a few books and peruse them while I waited for the storm to abate.

I hadn’t planned on getting any more books because I had several  at home waiting to be read.  It did not take me long to find books by a few authors I enjoy and before long I was deep into the first book I had picked up.  When I really get into a book I sometimes lose all track of time.  So I did not realize how late it was until the lights flickered and a voice announced that the library would be closing soon.  Sure enough it was closing time and a line formed at the take out counter.

As I stood in line, I debated whether I should get any more books at this time.  I decided to take the book and check it out since it was so very interesting to me.  When I left the library with my book in tow, it was still drizzling but the book was nestled in a plastic bag I brought with me; so I decided to go into the coffee shop which was right next to the library.  Maybe the rain would completely stop before I left.

I did manage to finish my latte and also a biscotti before I left the coffee shop  and sure enough the rain had stopped! After my experience first with the storm, then the library and lastly a delicious latte with a pastry, I could not have planned such a pleasant day if I tried!



Merlin Meditating

I had fun trying the Rule of Thirds here and the Bokeh.  I think this picture does incorporate these two things at least I hope so. I only have an iphone 3 and the camera is not equipped to do as much as the later ones.  Also my Canon has a part missing so I am at a loss here.  Gonna get a  new camera soon so here’s hoping.  My cat, Merlin is a good subject when he is sleepy.  Any other time he is too antsy to catch him in a picture.  Critiques are welcome but please keep em upbeat.  Thanks.  And of course comments are always welcome.

Merlin Snoozing
Merlin Meditating!


The future is a mystery yes it is

Mystery is in the future oftentimes.

There’s so much we don’t know I suppose

We won’t know until it’s here.

There is  no use worrying, that’s for sure

Most people worry about their money .

Either they have it or they do not

So the worrying is mostly futile.

So just try to relax and not worry

Future will be here too soon.

When it gets here, the worry is forgot

Seemed to be all for naught.

When all is said and everything is done

We go through the vicious cycle again.


table for blogMG_0079

The single drawer in the night table

Holds things that I hold dear

But none so dear as the missives

From my sister through the years.

She was a happy and generous person

Loved by all she knew

She enjoyed parties and plays and then some

We danced until the curfew blew.

She suffered a loss that changed her

Though she tried to carry on

It became too much for her to bear

And now I have the letters in the drawer.


Here are a few poems I picked out of “The Norton Anthology of Literature By Women.”  It’s a book that was required for the college class I was taking quite awhile ago.       I found two poems today that I had never read, by famous authors I have admired.  The punctuation is the authors or the editor’s.  The spacing also is not mine, as the posts are only set up for straight text and spacing.  Not sure how to go in and enter the code to change the spacing.



by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The courage that my mother had

Went with her, and is with her still:

Rock from New England quarried;

Now granite in a granite hill.

The golden brooch my mother wore

She left behind for me to wear;

I have no thing I treasure more:

Yet, it is something I could spare.

Oh, if instead she’d left to me

The thing she took into the grave!

That courage like a rock, which she

Has no more need of, and I have.



Emily Dickinson

Good morning – Midnight –

I’m coming home –

Day-got tired of me –

How could I-of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place-

I liked to stay-

But Morn-didn’t want me-now-


 I can look-can’t I-

When the East is Red?

The Hills-have a way–then

That puts the Heart-abroad-

You-are not so fair-Midnight-

I chose-Day-

But please-take a little Girl-

He turned away!

Growing Up continues…

Scan 2

I was fourteen years old when Father left for the last time, at least we hoped it was the last time. Life resumed its normal rhythm and we managed to get through that Summer in much the same way that we were used to. Although, Anna who was sixteen now and had quit school in tenth grade to work full-time, decided to go back to school and graduate. My Mother was glad even though there would be less money coming in now; she thought it was more important to graduate. I was a freshman now and considered myself quite grown up and should be able to do whatever I wanted to do. My Mother, as easygoing as she was, had other ideas about that. I was not a problem in my teens like some other of my peers who were and since I was responsible and helped out at home, my Mother trusted me.

I was still working at the coke and jukebox place for the rest of that Summer and paying for my expenses at school, so I was pretty independent. One day as I was working with the one other waitress who was also on duty, guess who walks into the place with a big smile on his face? My Father! I hadn’t seen him since the big blow up between himself and my Mother a few months ago, when he stormed out with my Mother’s encouragement. That was over Anna having her sixteenth birthday party in our basement, which he was adamantly against. We hadn’t heard from him since that time and he had never even said goodby when he left and here he was waltzing in here to see me, I supposed. Not sure what he was after but I was having none of it.

He sat down at the counter and I anxiously tried to get Trudy, the other waitress, to wait on him but she said she was too busy. So I got the honor. I went to the counter and without even saying hello, I asked what he wanted. He had a funny smile on his face as though he knew I wanted to slap him, now that I was big enough. He was only about five feet, six, with a slight build although he had a lot more muscle tone than I did. He was always exercising and lifting weights and I am sure even though I was five feet, five at the time, not much shorter than he, I was in no shape to be challenging him.

He said he would have a hamburger and french fries. “Oh crap” I thought, “he wants me to cook for him.” I really was angry at him and now I had to cook something and serve him. I went into the kitchen and started banging around and making a lot of noise. First of course I had to pour him a cup of coffee, which was stale and I knew how he liked it freshly made or he wouldn’t drink it. So I got some satisfaction from that. He didn’t say anything about it. He just sat there with that sickening smile. I continued banging around in the kitchen and finally I came out and slammed the plate down in front of him. I walked away and went over to Trudy and she was looking at me with a, “What’s the matter with you,” look on her face. I couldn’t explain who he was to her, not while he was still sitting there.

To be continued next Wednesday.

Daily Post/Wanting Everything or Wanting Nothing?

santa resized
What do you want?

I suppose there is something to be said for either wanting everything or wanting nothing.  Realistically, I think we all know that we can’t have everything as we see when we look at the movie stars with their lives splattered all over the magazines, gossip rags and on the internet.  They would probably like to have their privacy from the media but by the same token, they would not like to give up their lives in the movies, tv, etc.

So they and they families suffer, by not having them around as much as they would like; but the money they earn is so much that they would never be able to give it up.  They already have everything they could ever want, the beautiful homes, the exotic cars. the best food.   Money for the kids to go to college.  And except for the privacy they long for, there is not much else they want or need.  They would be in the ‘want nothing’ category.

On the other hand, there is the average or below average person who is working two jobs or not working at all and maybe collecting unemployment if they are lucky.  These people would be in the ‘want everything category.’  They want a house in a good neighborhood,  and of course a good job making an excellent salary.  Also a job for the wife would be a plus, making a good salary.  They also want a nice car, fairly new because they don’t want big repair bills and enough money to send their kids to college.

So we have the ‘want nothing’ or ‘want everything’ categories.  I am not sure which would be more dangerous.  On the one hand there is always the possibility of losing everything in the ‘want nothing’ people.  They may not be called to a particular movie or TV part that they thought they would surely get.  And things go downhill after that and then they lose their house.  That is a pretty dangerous position to be in.

Whereas the people in the ‘want everything’ category on the other hand, apply for and get much better jobs with really good salaries.  This enables them to finance a larger house with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone in the family.  Soon after the kids are accepted into the better colleges and they are all happy as clams.

To sum up then, I think I would rather be in the position of the ‘want everything’ family.  Assuming you have the where with all to keep at it until you get that great job, and then your wife gets an equally good job, both with benefits of course.  There’s probably a bit of luck in there somewhere but keeping a positive attitude and ability to do a good days work would also be helpful.

So I think it would be more dangerous ‘wanting nothing’, because you have nothing to aim for and there’s always the possibility of losing it all!


Daily Post/A Day to Remember

My version of a section "The Artist's Studio" in acrylic
“The Artist’s Studio” After Gustave Courbet Acrylic Painting

I know if I had been given a day to do anything I wanted as a kid, I would have bought one of each of the boxes of candy that were in the machine in the movie house.

Being an avid movie goer from an early age, I of course liked candy.  You might say I loved candy!  And going to the movies and having all the candy I wanted was my idea of Heaven.  But I digress.

Being an adult for many years now, I have different dreams and desires.  Not the least of which is Art!  I became interested in art late in life but since then I have taken advantage when I could, to not only become an artist but to find occasions to see and appreciate art.

So if I had unlimited funds at my disposal to do anything I wanted for a day, I would travel to places where the greatest art resides.  I would start at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, staying at the best hotel in New York City and of course eating at the finest restaurant I could find.

Next onto Paris and the Louvre Museum and again the best hotel and finest restaurant.  Then, still in Paris, the Musee de Orsay where I have for a long time, wanted to go to see the painting, “The Artist’s Studio,” by Gustave Courbet which takes up a whole  wall of the Musee de Orsay.

Then onto Italy and Rome, and to the Sistine Chapel which is a work of art in itself.  Then time permitting on to Milan and Florence.

I realize there may not be enough time to do all that I’ve listed here but I would try to squeeze most of the museums in.  Also, may not need the hotels except for showering and changing clothes, etc.  The food may be  a hurried event, but I will be eating as much as I can of my favorite foods.  Pasta in Italy, croissants in Paris with lattes of course.  And in New York, deli food would be my favorite, bagels, knishes and like that.

Sounds like the perfect day to me with of course, using as many of the twenty-four hours as possible.  I can always sleep later right?