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Hi everyone, Today we’ve got an important message from our friends over at the PDSA in regards to cleaning products. Just like many of you we too like our place clean and tidy but often people forget that certain cleaning products can be more than just a little harmful to our fur friends… That’s why […]

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Sharing this article from Katzenworld, because it is so important to keep our pets safe in their homes.


Merlin and Lady
Merlin and Lady

This is a photo of my cats Merlin and Lady.  They make a cute double.  Merlin is no longer with us but he will always be in my heart.  He and Lady would get into playing rough sometimes but they really loved each other as you can see here.


Merlin and Lady in rotated photo
Merlin and Lady in Rotated Photo

This is the rotated photo.  The photo works both ways but I think I like the top one best.  What do you think?  The rotation does give you a different perspective.



Observing nature around you is one of the assignments for Day 10.  So I thought why not observe my cat Lady, who certainly is around me most of the time.  And some of the antics she performs are funny and unique, at least to me.  Most cats do very similar things and then some are unique in their own ways.

Lady has been lonely since Merlin passed away in March of this year.  She still goes to the door looking for him.  They were great buddies and would do many things together, including cuddling up on the couch or a chair together.  Lady would try to get too close to Merlin so that she was practically sitting on top of him.  He would allow this for a time but then he would leave her and go somewhere to be alone.  Lady would usually follow him and make another attempt to cuddle, when at last he would start grooming her which she loved.

I always enjoyed watching them even when they were wrestling around on the rug.  It seemed like they were fighting but no one ever got hurt.  Lady would cry out once in a while for me to come and help her, which of course I usually did.  Then I would reprimand Merlin, who would walk away with his head in the air, but never felt chastened.

Lady has been so good for me after so many losses in my life recently.  She is always there for me to pet and of course she loves sitting on my lap.  She constantly tries to get on my lap when I am at the computer, which is a lot.  It is difficult to type with her on my lap though, so I have a hassock with a small towel or blanket on it for her to sit.  Previously, it was for Merlin to sit there as he always wanted to be at my side or on my lap.

Thank goodness for our pets, I certainly don’t know what I would have done  without my two cats.



My Workspace
My Workspace


Where I write depends to a large extent on how I am feeling that day.  Sometimes I feel like just relaxing and sitting in my recliner, armed with a tablet taken from a nearby three drawer stand which houses my tablets, pens,  pencils and a few sketch books, in case I feel like drawing also.  Of course when I am on the recliner, my cat, Lady insists on being on my lap.  That is not a problem because once she settles down, which sometimes can take quite awhile,  she falls asleep and then I can write.

Of course, I must have my cup of tea at the ready on the stand or I wouldn’t be able to write.  I usually get my best writing done in this position with no music or interruptions or any kind.  I actually go off into another realm when I am writing in the tablet with a pen on the recliner and since a lot of my stories are about my early life growing up, I do actually go back into the past and sometimes get lost there.  If anything unpleasant comes up, which it inevitability does, then I have to shake it off and try to continue.  Also, I sometimes add it to the story warts and all.

Other times I find that just sitting at the computer writing on the keyboard works well for me.  Easier to correct errors and change words or sentences around as necessary.  And of course editing is easy also on the computer.   I can leave my writing, saving it first of course, and go and do something else and come back later to finish what I was writing.  The computer certainly has its advantages that handwriting does not.  Of course the cup of tea is also at the ready when I am at the computer.


Haven’t tried the contact page yet but if anyone wants to contact me they can leave a message in the comment section for now.  Will try to get a contact page out in the near future.

Open Letter to My Cat Merlin

Merlin my Muse
Merlin my Muse

This letter is to my cat of fifteen years, Merlin. He passed on six months ago and I
am still in mourning for him. I will probably always be. He had cancer
which I only found out the week before he died and he went fast. But while he was with me
I enjoyed every minute of our time together. He was always getting into some kind of mischief
and hiding and challenging me to find him. Then when I found him, he would jump out surprising
me every time. I never laughed so much at the things he would do. I know he wouldn’t be able to
read this letter but I know he will know how I feel about him.

Dear Merlin,

Thank you for our time together! I loved every minute of it, even though you were constantly
getting into something, including teasing your sister “Lady,” who I am sure misses you almost
as much as I do. Every day without you is just a little dimmer than when you were with us.
I know you are happy wherever you are and that I will see you again, when my turn comes.
So until then, I have Lady, who does her utmost to keep me happy.

Hope you are running around in the grass and trees, chasing mice and birds and being happy.
Until we meet again….


Our prompt for today on Writing 101 is:  Make a list of 10, 25 or 50 things you like.   So here goes:

10 Things I like 

  1.  The smell of rain in the air
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Smell of fresh coffee perking
  4. My cat/cats curled up in my lap
  5. Reading a good book
  6. Eating popcorn while watching a good movie
  7. Walking with a light breeze blowing
  8. Sedona at any time of year
  9. Smell of bread baking
  10. To complete a story I am writing




This is for the prompt for Writing 101 Commons, which is:  Why do I write?

I write because I feel better when I am writing and I could most times go on and on forever once I get started.  Of course there is that time when the blank page just stares at me in all its whiteness and dares me to put a word down!

I have developed a habit of doing what is called Morning Notes.  It is an idea from a book called, “The Artist’s Way.”  I purchased the book many years ago.  And while I do not follow all the instructions in the book, which are many and interesting, I have continued (mostly) on a regular basis with the ‘morning notes.’

You are supposed to free write first thing in the morning which I do with a cup of tea nearby which seems to help the writing process.  Mostly green tea.  It seems your mind is more open after just awakening and the thoughts flow more easily.  I have found this to be true because I have tried to do the notes in the afternoon and the writings do not flow as easily.  So even though I am not a morning person, I strive to do my writing in the morning.

It seems I get all the garbage out first, mostly what I had been worrying about the day before either heavy or minute details that bog us all down.  Once that’s out-of-the-way, I find myself actually writing creatively and I have mined quite a few ideas for stories.  In fact I have begun some stories, that I would go on to complete and then blog about.

Guess I have not answered why I write after all but let me just say, I write because I feel much better both while writing and after finishing writing.  Even if I do not get any ideas for a story or a story itself, I enjoy the actual writing process.  I have recently started setting the clock for one hour and I write non- stop for that hour, sometimes with my cat, Lady, sleeping on my lap.  I have to admit that I do not get around to writing every day, although I strive to do so.

Once I start writing, I have found that I am loath to stop even after the hour is up and I found myself writing for an extra half hour yesterday, finishing a story I started halfway before the hour was up.  Not sure I will be publishing the story, at least in its present form but I do have that option, to publish or not, as some of my writing is strictly for myself.  As I am sure we can all relate.

Merlin My Treasure, conclusion




Merlin and Lady started getting along soon after that.  Although Merlin never quite got over that Lady could sit on my lap with him and also get petted.  He had this look when he saw me petting her that said it all.  She, of course, was oblivious to his glares and would climb over him to get a better position on my lap.

On the other hand, Lady would cuddle up with Merlin when he was lying on the couch or chair and he seemed to like it.  He would groom her and even clean her ears which she loved.  And she would do the same for him.  So they became good buddies over the years.  I really loved their antics with each other.

Then a few years ago Merlin developed a Thyroid disease.  I had to put him on a special diet and take away the dental treats he loved but he got used to the diet even though I knew he wasn’t crazy about it.

He would wait outside the door when I was giving Lady her dental treats and then when she came out, he would rush in and lick the empty dish.  I really felt bad about that, but the vet said nothing except the food she recommended.  And it did help him stay healthy for a time.

When he was drinking water, Lady would come and insert herself between him and the water bowl and start drinking.  He would always sit back and let her do it.  When she was finished, he would continue drinking.

Merlin was always very nice to Lady but sometimes he would get a wild hair and chase her around the house.  Then she would give a cry and I would reprimand Merlin of course.  But I think she loved the chasing and playing even though he would get a little boisterous at times.  It was all a game to them.

We all had a great time together until recently when Merlin got very sick and was refusing to eat or drink.  After several trips to the vet, I knew he didn’t have much time left and it all happened so suddenly that it was a shock to me.  I tried to make him as comfortable as possible and I was glad I was with him when he died.  I  will always remember the good times we had together and I still have Lady to play with and spoil and to enjoy our time together, however long that may be.