Triumph Over Adversity

Finishing this class was a Triumph for me.  I really was getting into it and enjoying doing the going out and taking photos, etc.  But midway through the class my beloved cat, Merlin, got sick and after only a week passed away.  I did a few posts about him here with pictures.  I could not function for several days to do much of anything.  But then, I  slowly started doing the class again with the help of this little “Lady” my other cat.  She is a sister to Merlin and they got along great, mostly.  She is helping me immensely by being there when I need her, to talk to and pet whenever I miss Merlin too much.  She seems to understand what I am going through.

So my triumph was getting through this class, while at the same time the class helped me through a really painful time, which is not over yet.  But with Lady’s help and doing my blog and friends and family’s help, I will get through this.

Thanks for listening.


Double Trouble

Acrylic painting of Mustangs
Acrylic painting of Mustangs


This is an acrylic painting I did, it is a larger painting but I took a part of it for our class today..  I think it fills the bill for Double.  Hope you like it.  Thanks for any feedback you may have.

My Treasure was and is my Cat, Merlin


Merlin was and still is my Treasure!   Even though he passed away on March 13, 2015 he is still here with me in my heart.  I wrote this poem for him on Feb. 6, 2015 before I knew he was so sick.


I picked him out of the litter

He seemed so easy going and

close to the Mother cat

When we got home, he was

a holy terror

Energy and activity personified

Knocking everything down that

was in his path

As he danced around the house

He jumped at feathers on a stick

and tried to get at birds through

the window

He’d run back and forth

from window to window

Watching people, birds and other


While he was small he sat on my

shoulder and back of chair

And tickled my ear with his


Many times he would curl up

in the crook of my arm on the couch

and when I moved

He would bite me

So many stories, so little time

He brought me happiness and I

loved him.


Landscape in Mariposa, CA
My sister’s property in Mariposa, CA.

My sister has five acres of property in Mariposa, CA.  It also has a house in the front and to the middle of the property.  It is not far from Yosemite Park or as she and her husband call it, “The Park.”  It is a beautiful area but it is hot in the summer, up to 115 degrees, and in the winter, it can get into the 20 degree temperature.  Also they have had snow on several occasions .

I cropped the original photo and didn’t think it needed any more cropping.


Seven stories/Black and White
This is the seven story building where I have an apartment.  It was built in 1964.  It was just remodeled inside much to the tenants’ chagrin.  We had to go through a year of pounding, drilling, etc.  And each floor had to move out for two months at a time and live in a motel.

I took the photo from the courtyard below, then I put the photo on photoshop and made it black and white.  The building is a light beige.  It is seven stories high..  The cluster of palm trees is right outside my window.

I Saw The Light

My sister Anna
My sister Anna.  In this photo the sun is shinning on right side of her head, so left side of her head and face is somewhat in shadow..
The sun is shinning on the top of this photo but the bottom is in shadow making for a more interesting photo I think.


This photo has just a small amount of sun on top and bottom is in deeper shade. Again adding more depth to the photo, I think.