000_0065In better times we had a nice house with a big back yard and lots of fruit trees which in addition to giving us fruit, also provided shade.  My Father was working as a teacher then and Mother stayed home with the kids.

It was right after my sister Joan was born and plans were underway for the Christening.  The air was charged with the excitement of the coming party.  My Mother did a lot of cooking and baking and of course Himself was in charge of the alcohol.  Although a lot of people carried flasks in those days and were usually well supplied.

The family on both sides were coming and of course his friends from work.  The other teachers and whoever they wanted to bring.

On the day of the Christening there was a big punchbowl in the middle of the dining room table surrounded by the best china.   The aroma from the cooking and baking filled the air.

The Christening had taken place earlier at the church, with the God Parents doing the honors.  My Mother was not feeling well and had stayed home to rest and attend to getting things in order.  Now the baby was sleeping peacefully in her crib unaware of all the hubbub going on.

My older sister Anna and I were allowed to stay up later than usual to enjoy the party.  I remember being bounced on my Grandfather’s knee  and then nibbling on the goodies.

To be continued.