Merlin Meditating

I had fun trying the Rule of Thirds here and the Bokeh.  I think this picture does incorporate these two things at least I hope so. I only have an iphone 3 and the camera is not equipped to do as much as the later ones.  Also my Canon has a part missing so I am at a loss here.  Gonna get a  new camera soon so here’s hoping.  My cat, Merlin is a good subject when he is sleepy.  Any other time he is too antsy to catch him in a picture.  Critiques are welcome but please keep em upbeat.  Thanks.  And of course comments are always welcome.

Merlin Snoozing
Merlin Meditating!

My Totem Animal

This is my Totem Animal!  I love cats big cats, small cats and medium size cats.  Since the lion is the King of the cats and the jungle, I decided to do a charcoal sketch of a lion for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you like him!

 Tomorrow, January 4th starts Blogging 101 and I can’t wait!  See all you bloggers out there!


Lady looking at robin red breastThis is a photo of Lady, my cat in previous stories on the blog.  I had been watching her staring at the birds outside the window for several weeks, when it dawned on me to try to get a picture.  Well it wasn’t easy but I had an opportunity one morning when both Lady and the Bird were oblivious to everything and I managed to capture this great photo.