My Treasure

BOY WITH POPSICLE Done with acrylic paint
Done with acrylic paint


This is a painting I did a few years ago.  This is just half of the painting, the bottom half has more vivid colors.  Just wanted to show a bit of my work here, since I consider it my Treasure.  It is probably the thing I love to do best, painting, with writing being the second best thing I love doing.

I took some time off from painting and am having a hard time getting back to it.  I do not have very much room in my apartment to set up my easel and all the things you need to paint which are many.  I actually need another room or studio.  I suppose it sounds like I am making excuses for not painting and I probably am.  But I am thinking about taking a water-color class soon and hopefully that will jump-start me into painting again.  I hope so.

This is for today’s lesson in Photo 101.  I did take a photo of the painting, even though it was awhile ago, as someone else has the painting now.


Merlin my Muse


What I will be doing in December is as yet an unknown factor.  But one thing I do know is that I will continue to write.  I get so much enjoyment from writing either on the computer or just sitting with pen in hand and scribbling in a composition book.  I think I prefer the act of writing with a pen or pencil, scratching out the words that pop into my head at random.  Usually with a desired goal in mind of course.  Sometimes not.

I will also take another course from Word Press as I get so much out of each course.  Even though it may be the same course I have taken before, I always get something new to add to my knowledge, which never hurts to have.  I enjoy the exchanges with the other students and the critiques, which one always needs if you want to grow in your knowledge of any subject..

I am making a resolution here in November to start painting again, even though I really do not have enough space for it.  I will have to make do.  Painting always relaxes me even though there is a lot of physical work to it, unlike writing.  But it is so gratifying to me when I finish each day’s painting and clean up my mess, to see something that you have created from very little, a bit of paint mixed with water or another solution.

So between the writing and the painting, I will have a busy December and on into January and the new year of 2017.

So to my fellow classmates, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May we all be productive and successful in the coming years!

A special thanks to @cherilucas for all her help in this and the many classes I have taken.  It’s been a pleasure.





What Do I Do When Not Writing?

Above is one of the things I have done and want to get back to when I have the energy.  Painting!  It is an acrylic painting of a Florida Panther.  In my About Page you will see that I have taken many classes in painting and for several years I was painting almost daily.  It has fallen by the wayside of late but I am constantly thinking I need to get back to it.

I lose track of time and go into a zone when I am painting usually, though not all the time.  I have used oils, acrylics and pastels.  Would also like to do watercolors at some point.  This painting has been sold and I have recently had an offer on another painting I did awhile ago, “Starry Night,” after Van Gogh.

I also am an avid reader and every day or night you will find me with my nose in a book.  But I suppose most writers are readers also.  My favorite subject is mysteries as I love trying to solve the mystery as I am reading.  One of my favorite authors is Jeffrey Deaver and I know he is a bit strange but that’s what makes his stories so interesting.  I love many and varied authors and have been going to the library for my books now although have been thinking about getting a Kindle.

On the physical side I try to walk every day but sometimes do not make it every day but most of the time.  Gotta keep the blood circulating!

Nature and Big

Mustang Acrylic Painting
This is an acrylic painting of Mustangs in the spring.  It is a huge painting.  The biggest one that I’ve ever done.  So since I can’t get out because I have a very sick cat, I have to take care of, I thought this would count as Big and Nature also.  Your feedback is welcome.  Thanks.

My Bliss is Being Close to the Ocean

An acrylic painting I did that's not quite finished.
The undersea dance!
An acrylic painting I did that's not quite finished.
The underseas dance!

What you are seeing is a painting I did of  a Manatee.  I took the top picture with my Canon a while ago and the bottom one with my iPhone a few minutes ago.  Which do you like better? The painting  is not quite finished yet but hopefully soon.  The Canon is caput now since I lost a part for it when I moved.  So for now the iPhone will have to do.

I tried to take the shots  both horizontally and vertically but the canvas is practically square so there goes that idea.

I want to say that the Ocean is really my Bliss!  I live a few blocks from it and I can see it from the top floor of my apartment building.

I love it when the fog rolls in and covers the area with its misty mystery.  Or when the skies are overcast and it looks like rain and the air is pregnant with something unexplainable.  And I can feel a shiver of delight.

Groups of dolphin can sometimes be seen close to shore swimming by and I am sorry to say I have never seen them but have heard stories.

My painting is another form of Bliss for me.  When I start painting, I lose all track of time and go into this zone.  When I am done painting, it seems as though it was a few minutes and in fact hours have passed.

DAY 7 OF NaBloPoMo

Merlin amid the posies!
Merlin amid the posies!

This is part of a painting I did of my cat Merlin.  I had taken a photo of him hiding among the flowers one day and it was so cute, that I decided to do a painting.  As all you cat caretakers out there know, cats can get themselves into all kinds of cute and funny situations.  My two cats, Merlin and his sister, Lady are a constant source of fun and amusement for me.  They do take a bit of work taking care of them but well worth the effort!

Halloween has come and gone. Can Christmas be far behind? 1ST DAY OF NaBloPoMo

santa resized

Every year we all go into this frenzy which starts just about Halloween (sometimes earlier), which continues usually until the first of the new year.

I have tried each year to get less and less involved in this frenzy.  But it has become increasingly harder to do.

Especially the shopping in stores with the maniacal crowds searching for a bargain.

Parents are shopping for the latest toy or more recently electronic piece of equipment.

Like an Iphone, ipad, the readers from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The kids just have to have one no matter the age of the child.  They have to show it to their friends and school chums.

The past few years my daughters (with families of their own) and I have hit upon an idea that is overlooked for the most part with all the frantic racing around.

We decided to make something for each other and dispense with the shopping, crowds, etc.

I know, what a concept!  It takes a little more planning and you have to start early but it is much more rewarding and appreciated.

Now this may not work for everyone.  In fact it may not even be an option for some.

But I think in this day and age with a lot of the population out of work and or on unemployment or worse, making something may be just the thing.

It will not only lift their spirits, but kick in those creative

juices that we all have to some extent.

There are a lot of stores with ideas and classes like Michael’s that one can go to and get started on whatever your project may be.

It’s amazing the ideas you can come up with!  My daughter  and I have been

making our own Christmas cards for the past several years and it is very fun and rewarding.

Anyone can do it but it takes some time and planning but not much money.

And the people who receive them have

always been happy and appreciative. Then there is always  candy or cookie making.  We know everyone loves those for gifts.

Or Christmas baskets with exotic coffees and teas, also cheese and crackers to name a


Anyway, thought I’d toss out those ideas for your perusal.  Happy creating!

Incidentally, the Santa you see at top of blog is an acrylic painting I did for a Christmas card I sent to friends and relatives a few years ago.