Elegy for Lady



She left the way she came

Quickly and without much fuss

She made her way into our hearts

Merlin, her brother and myself

She had a way about her that was

comic and endearing to me

We had many years of happiness

But alas,  the years go too fast

and Merlin left us too soon

But Lady helped me through

Although, she too was getting older and

had her aches and pains.

She decided to leave without much fuss

Now I am bereft with silence all around.



I thought since it is National Cat’s Day I would write a poem about my cat, Lady.  She is quite the character, with a mind of her own and set in her ways, not unlike myself!  So I am going to write a poem which hopefully does her justice.


There once was a cat name of Lady

She loved lying in the sun

But not where it was shady.

Cleaning her plate, she’d find her spot

Which was of course most comfy

Under her blanket right on the dot.

Snoozing away ’till the clock struck two

Up she’d pop, for her next meal

Lapped it up, ’till next one was due.

To Merlin

Merlin looking out
Merlin looking out the window


Merlin came into my life when just a tiny kitten

He was wild and adorable from the beginning

He would race around the house from window to window

Knocking down anything in his path whatsoever

I would find lamps down and bulbs smashed to bits

If it happened to get in his way

He would sit on the window sill and watch

All the birds in the bushes outside

He’d meet me at the door when I came home

And walk me to the door when I left

He was only fourteen when he left me

Too young to be gone but then

I am so thankful for the time we did have

And I know I will see him again.



table for blogMG_0079

The single drawer in the night table

Holds things that I hold dear

But none so dear as the missives

From my sister through the years.

She was a happy and generous person

Loved by all she knew

She enjoyed parties and plays and then some

We danced until the curfew blew.

She suffered a loss that changed her

Though she tried to carry on

It became too much for her to bear

And now I have the letters in the drawer.


Today’s Device is Fingers, an interesting subject to work with especially using Assonance and Prose/Poetry.  Let’s see what I can do with these subjects.


fingers for poem
This is a sketch I did after Michelangelo.


My fingers danced across the page,

and again on the computer.

I stressed and strove to sound the vowels,

it was not as easy a task as it seemed.

 My brain was stressed while doing its best,

pain went from my brain to my fingers.

They hesitated, then tried once more,

while again the pain persists in spite of all.




Mother with Anna
Mother with Anna

She was a simple lady

A simple lady was she

Kind to all who knew her

Her name was Kate.


She was an Irish woman

Cooked up a stew in a flash

She cooked up a stew

Her name was Kate.


No one bossed her

No one crossed her

Her man did try

He was sorry that day.


The family came first

Of girls there were four

She took care of her family

No more than four.


She worked and she scrubbed

To bring home the bacon

And when she was done

All her bones were aching.


Her man was no good

Refusing to work

He sat in the chair

Acting just like a jerk.


One night she decided

To kick him right out

It did not go well

He hit her in the snout.

She told him to go

And he did refuse

She struck his head

Until he got the news.

When he was gone

The happiness reigned

Their life once more

Was not a bit strained.



Here are a few poems I picked out of “The Norton Anthology of Literature By Women.”  It’s a book that was required for the college class I was taking quite awhile ago.       I found two poems today that I had never read, by famous authors I have admired.  The punctuation is the authors or the editor’s.  The spacing also is not mine, as the posts are only set up for straight text and spacing.  Not sure how to go in and enter the code to change the spacing.



by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The courage that my mother had

Went with her, and is with her still:

Rock from New England quarried;

Now granite in a granite hill.

The golden brooch my mother wore

She left behind for me to wear;

I have no thing I treasure more:

Yet, it is something I could spare.

Oh, if instead she’d left to me

The thing she took into the grave!

That courage like a rock, which she

Has no more need of, and I have.



Emily Dickinson

Good morning – Midnight –

I’m coming home –

Day-got tired of me –

How could I-of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place-

I liked to stay-

But Morn-didn’t want me-now-


 I can look-can’t I-

When the East is Red?

The Hills-have a way–then

That puts the Heart-abroad-

You-are not so fair-Midnight-

I chose-Day-

But please-take a little Girl-

He turned away!

A Foggy Trip

Ocean wavesI am digging into my archives to post this poem until I have something else more current to post.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks for reading.

This poem is about a trip I took with my best friend to work for the summer.  We had gone all through Catholic grade and high school together which took twelve years and had only graduated a short time before taking the trip.  We were going to the New Jersey shore to work as waitresses, then she was going back to school to become a nurse or as they called it then, “in training.”  My plans were a little more vague but I knew I had to get a job to support myself and help out at home.  Little did I know then that I would be moving to New Jersey and making a life there.

We had a  wonderful time at the shore, getting jobs right away and finding a boarding house to live in.  Unbeknownst to either of us, that would be our last time together as she and her family moved away soon after we returned from the trip and we never saw each other again.  But that is another story.


 We traveled by train to reach our destination

It was foggy most of the way

As the train pulled in, the fog was lifting

A sign of the good days ahead

We worked hard all the days we were there

It was more like a sort of play

In the evenings we danced until our feet ached

Not noticing the pain till the end

We laughed, we cried, the time passed too quickly

And too soon we had to leave

Never knowing that this was our last time together

We frolicked on the train all the way home.