Elegy for Lady



She left the way she came

Quickly and without much fuss

She made her way into our hearts

Merlin, her brother and myself

She had a way about her that was

comic and endearing to me

We had many years of happiness

But alas,  the years go too fast

and Merlin left us too soon

But Lady helped me through

Although, she too was getting older and

had her aches and pains.

She decided to leave without much fuss

Now I am bereft with silence all around.



I thought since it is National Cat’s Day I would write a poem about my cat, Lady.  She is quite the character, with a mind of her own and set in her ways, not unlike myself!  So I am going to write a poem which hopefully does her justice.


There once was a cat name of Lady

She loved lying in the sun

But not where it was shady.

Cleaning her plate, she’d find her spot

Which was of course most comfy

Under her blanket right on the dot.

Snoozing away ’till the clock struck two

Up she’d pop, for her next meal

Lapped it up, ’till next one was due.

Recreate a Single Day


On Writing 101 we were asked to recreate a single day for today’s Post. Sounds simpler than it is to do. But here goes.


After my cat, Lady greets me with a paw in the face, I struggle to get out of bed. Every morning is a struggle, the older I get, the more I struggle. The first thing is the bathroom where Lady directs me, in case I did not know the way. I do my business and splash water in my face and start to feel a little better. Maybe I will survive until I get to the kitchen, where I will put the kettle on for tea. Green tea of course. For the past few years, green tea has been my staple drink, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is healthy for you.

There are so many different kinds of green tea out there, that I feel I have to get a new kind each time I go to the store. Pretty soon there won’t be enough room on the shelve for all the tea. There is green with white, green with jasmine, green with lemon and on and on. Once the water is boiled and the tea is steeped for the appropriate time, I make toast and put some almond butter and maybe a touch of orange marmalade on it. Sugarless of course as I am diabetic.

Most things I buy anymore are sugarless and there is a big selection. Not so in my mother’s day. They only had a few things you could find that were sugarless. You had to make your own whatever, if you wanted it; I sometimes made a sugarless cheesecake for my mother as she was diabetic also. Diabetes runs in our family and my grandmother, my mother, my sister and I all had/have it. Hopefully, it will not go any further and none of my daughters will get it.

After breakfast I sit down at the computer and the rest is history. I admit I waste time on the computer. I am guilty of reading several articles before I get down to the business of writing a Post. I need to limit my time on the computer because I have many other things I should be doing, like taking a walk, making the bed, taking a shower or even going for coffee. Lady tries to distract me by getting on my lap and it does interfere with my typing. She is a restless lap sitter, getting up and standing and moving around until I make her sit down or get down. After a bit of that, I will get up and start doing some of the things I have been putting off.

Been thinking of doing some painting again, another thing I have been procrastinating with. Always something else to distract me from getting out the paints and canvas. Pretty sure I will be painting soon because I usually get the urge around this time of year. Believe it or not I act on it then, in the Fall into Winter. The electricity in the air stimulates me and also the possibility of a rain storm. Maybe I will even finish that novel I’ve been working on for years. I can hear you all saying, “Un huh.”

After dinner, I usually end the day with a movie from Netflix and there is a big selection. When I pick one out, Lady and I settle in on my recliner to watch for a few hours, until it is time to toddle off to bed, book in hand. I drift off to sleep, looking forward to a new day…….

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream


In response to the prompt from The Daily Post to write an article on sleep, dreams, etc.


I used to have a problem getting to sleep.  I would read for a while because I like to read especially right before falling asleep.  Falling asleep seems to denote an activity like falling, whatever that means and what that means about sleeping.  Because we are usually lying down when we sleep either in bed or on the couch and sometimes on comfy chairs.

I would start out in bed with a book and sometimes with a few cookies and a glass of warm milk.  Then after about an hour or so, I would start to drift off into sleep.  I usually wake about three a.m. for a pee break, then either fall right back to sleep or toss and turn for a while and finally go to sleep for the night.

Then there were nights that nothing would work and I just could not get to sleep after my rituals of the book reading and the cookies and milk.  I would turn out the lights and lay there and then toss and turn for about an hour, then get up and go to the couch again with the book.  I’d read for a while and try to sleep again.  But sometimes even that didn’t work and I would get the book out again and read some more.  In the morning I would be exhausted from either no sleep at all or a few hours in between reading.  I read more books during that period.  At least I was getting something done, I thought.

Then there was the cat factor.  Usually my two cats were good, going to their respective places on the bed and not bothering me.  In fact, they were a comfort to me mostly but sometimes when I was just falling into a nice sleep, I would feel a paw on my face or in my hair.  Of course I woke right up and was not happy.  Fortunately, that did not happen too often but usually when there was a full moon, I could count on being awakened by one or both cats.

The last few years as my age advances, I seem to have no trouble getting to sleep at night even though I sometimes take a nap in the late afternoon.  I actually look forward to going to bed, reading for about an hour, again with the cookies and milk and drifting off to sleep.

Even more so, I look forward to the afternoon naps.  I actually savor the thought of lying down on the couch with the present book I am reading, which incidentally is mostly a murder mystery and sleeping like a baby with my cat Lady, lying either on top of me or somewhere in the immediate vicinity.  Whichever is more comfortable for her of course.