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Hi everyone, Today we’ve got an important message from our friends over at the PDSA in regards to cleaning products. Just like many of you we too like our place clean and tidy but often people forget that certain cleaning products can be more than just a little harmful to our fur friends… That’s why […]

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Sharing this article from Katzenworld, because it is so important to keep our pets safe in their homes.


The tale of two star-crossed felines, with special thanks to Sarah Piggott from RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre. A rough patch Patch came into our care in May of last year. His owner had far too many cats to care for – they were all under-socialised and very timid. The household then suffered a house fire,…

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I am reblogging this story from Katzenworld to call attention to the fact that people can adopt pairs of kitties who have bonded with each other and shouldn’t be separated.  They make great pets.


We people being fastidious while choosing a right food for us then why we are not concerned while selecting our pet’s food carefully? Past few years, many heated discussions are going on on pet food industries. It puts all the pet owners in confusion of whom to believe while buying food for their pet. While […]

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I reblogged this article from Katzenworld’s Blog.  I thought it was important for as many pet owners as possible to know about what is going on in the Pet Food Industry.



I thought since it is National Cat’s Day I would write a poem about my cat, Lady.  She is quite the character, with a mind of her own and set in her ways, not unlike myself!  So I am going to write a poem which hopefully does her justice.


There once was a cat name of Lady

She loved lying in the sun

But not where it was shady.

Cleaning her plate, she’d find her spot

Which was of course most comfy

Under her blanket right on the dot.

Snoozing away ’till the clock struck two

Up she’d pop, for her next meal

Lapped it up, ’till next one was due.

Been Away for A While

Lady on her new climber
Lady on her new climber

My computer has been out of it for a while now so I have not been able to post for several days. Hope I am not forgotten by my followers! I will try to get some posts out in the near future. Thanks to all who follow me and of course new followers are always welcome.

See you all soon.


Merlin and Lady
Merlin and Lady

This is a photo of my cats Merlin and Lady.  They make a cute double.  Merlin is no longer with us but he will always be in my heart.  He and Lady would get into playing rough sometimes but they really loved each other as you can see here.


Merlin and Lady in rotated photo
Merlin and Lady in Rotated Photo

This is the rotated photo.  The photo works both ways but I think I like the top one best.  What do you think?  The rotation does give you a different perspective.


Lady contemplating a frog!
Lady contemplating a frog!

HERE IS MY CAT, Lady observing a toy frog I put down in front of her.  She gave it a few shoves with her paw and lost interest quickly as it was not moving.  But I thought it was a good example for today’s lesson.  Lady is actually a small cat, weighing only six pounds, yet she looks huge next to the toy frog.

Today’s lesson for Photo 101.



Observing nature around you is one of the assignments for Day 10.  So I thought why not observe my cat Lady, who certainly is around me most of the time.  And some of the antics she performs are funny and unique, at least to me.  Most cats do very similar things and then some are unique in their own ways.

Lady has been lonely since Merlin passed away in March of this year.  She still goes to the door looking for him.  They were great buddies and would do many things together, including cuddling up on the couch or a chair together.  Lady would try to get too close to Merlin so that she was practically sitting on top of him.  He would allow this for a time but then he would leave her and go somewhere to be alone.  Lady would usually follow him and make another attempt to cuddle, when at last he would start grooming her which she loved.

I always enjoyed watching them even when they were wrestling around on the rug.  It seemed like they were fighting but no one ever got hurt.  Lady would cry out once in a while for me to come and help her, which of course I usually did.  Then I would reprimand Merlin, who would walk away with his head in the air, but never felt chastened.

Lady has been so good for me after so many losses in my life recently.  She is always there for me to pet and of course she loves sitting on my lap.  She constantly tries to get on my lap when I am at the computer, which is a lot.  It is difficult to type with her on my lap though, so I have a hassock with a small towel or blanket on it for her to sit.  Previously, it was for Merlin to sit there as he always wanted to be at my side or on my lap.

Thank goodness for our pets, I certainly don’t know what I would have done  without my two cats.