I thought since it is National Cat’s Day I would write a poem about my cat, Lady.  She is quite the character, with a mind of her own and set in her ways, not unlike myself!  So I am going to write a poem which hopefully does her justice.


There once was a cat name of Lady

She loved lying in the sun

But not where it was shady.

Cleaning her plate, she’d find her spot

Which was of course most comfy

Under her blanket right on the dot.

Snoozing away ’till the clock struck two

Up she’d pop, for her next meal

Lapped it up, ’till next one was due.

Open Letter to My Cat Merlin

Merlin my Muse
Merlin my Muse

This letter is to my cat of fifteen years, Merlin. He passed on six months ago and I
am still in mourning for him. I will probably always be. He had cancer
which I only found out the week before he died and he went fast. But while he was with me
I enjoyed every minute of our time together. He was always getting into some kind of mischief
and hiding and challenging me to find him. Then when I found him, he would jump out surprising
me every time. I never laughed so much at the things he would do. I know he wouldn’t be able to
read this letter but I know he will know how I feel about him.

Dear Merlin,

Thank you for our time together! I loved every minute of it, even though you were constantly
getting into something, including teasing your sister “Lady,” who I am sure misses you almost
as much as I do. Every day without you is just a little dimmer than when you were with us.
I know you are happy wherever you are and that I will see you again, when my turn comes.
So until then, I have Lady, who does her utmost to keep me happy.

Hope you are running around in the grass and trees, chasing mice and birds and being happy.
Until we meet again….