Lady contemplating a frog!
Lady contemplating a frog!

HERE IS MY CAT, Lady observing a toy frog I put down in front of her.  She gave it a few shoves with her paw and lost interest quickly as it was not moving.  But I thought it was a good example for today’s lesson.  Lady is actually a small cat, weighing only six pounds, yet she looks huge next to the toy frog.

Today’s lesson for Photo 101.

Photo In Light and Shadows

Merlin in shadow

I have been ill recently and not able to get outside to take any photos at different times of day and light.  So this is a picture of my cat, Merlin, who is now gone from me, but the photo is one in which the light and shadows are highlighted to create an interesting picture, I think.

The photo is for my Photo 101 Class.



Merlin, my beautiful cat of fifteen years passed away on March 13, 2015!  He was and still is my Bliss!  I have wonderful memories of him.  I still have Lady, who is his sister and she is a joy but it is just not the same.  I had a special bond with Merlin that I have never had with anyone else, animal or human.  I know that some of you have that special relationship with an animal and we are very lucky to have, or have had, that time with them.

This is Day 4 of Photo 101, your Bliss.


California Dreaming
California Dreaming
Lady enjoying a drink
Lady enjoying a drink
Main St. (during a parade)
Main St. (during a parade)


Here are a few photos of my home and hometown.  I live within two blocks of the beach although lately I have not gotten there very often.

My cat Lady is a big part of my life and my home.  She is quite the little scamp.  And last is a photo of Main St. during a parade of which there are many.  At the drop of a hat, there is a parade in our small town.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

This is my offering for Photo 101, the word being “Home”.

My Treasure Merlin continued……


Merlin was a small kitten with the biggest ears and I was wondering if he would grow into those ears.  Sure enough, he did just that.  He quickly became a good-sized cat and tipped the scales at fifteen pounds.  His fur was dark gray with almost a blue tinge and felt like velvet when I petted him.  Which was a lot, as he loved being petted.  But only by me.  He sometimes allowed family members to pet him.  And he let them know it was ok to do so by head butting their hand.  They were always happy to reciprocate but after a few pets, he warned them that was enough.  He would give them a little love bite.

He was my cat through and through and no one elses, except he let a few people in occasionally.  He was very sociable and was always  at the door to greet people when they came to visit.  Just don’t pet him, that was reserved for special people.

We had a few hairy moments when I had to rush him to the emergency hospital because he had ingested some plastic wrapping and string from a Christmas present.  And after all they did for him at the hospital, he passed it in his stool about a week later.  Of course I was frantic for a while.

He always came to the door when I was leaving and he would try to peek through the crack in the door.  And when I got home, he was usually lying on the rug I had just inside the door.  I did kind of train him as a dog I guess because he would sit and lay down for me and come when I called him.  And I swear he knew what I was saying most of the time, except when he didn’t want to know.  One of the vets I took him to remarked, “He thinks he is a dog.”

When Merlin was three, we acquired another cat, who was also three years old. I renamed her Lady.  They were calling her “Gator” which I didn’t think fit her at all.  She was so tiny with a big bushy tail and short legs with big paws.  So Lady it was.

Actually, Lady was Merlin’s sister.  They were from the same litter and Lady’s owner had gotten very sick and couldn’t keep her.  My friend, who had the mother cat took Gator at that time but she needed to find a home for her again.  At that time I was thinking Merlin might like a playmate.  I was working at the time and although it was part-time, I was away a lot and he  seemed lonely.  So I said yes to taking Lady on a trial basis.  If Merlin didn’t like her, she was out the door.

Well Merlin did not know what to make of Lady when she first came to live with us.  And Lady for being a small, dainty cat was a pretty in your face kitty.  She tried to take over my lap as hers and crawl over Merlin to get a place of honor.  Well he really didn’t like her and her antics all that much but  he would just give her dirty looks.  I separated them for a few weeks at first until they got used to each other and finally I just put them together and let the chips fall.

To be continued.


My Treasure Merlin


There are several things I treasure, some more than others so it is hard to pick out just one to write about.  The number one treasure for me is of course my cat, Merlin, who passed away on this past March 13.  We had been together for fifteen years.  He was the apple of my eye and he kept me happy and amused most of the time with his antics.  And of course, I spoiled him rotten.  I picked him out of a litter and I had the pick of the litter, as the person who had the mother cat was a friend.  It was the first time I had a cat of my own and at my age I was wondering if it would work out.  I wasn’t as spry as I used to be and I had been a ‘dog’ person’ before that.

But now that I was older and living alone, I thought that a cat may be the ideal pet for me.  A few friends thought I would love having a cat, saying that a cat would be no trouble.  You don’t have to walk them or scoop up their poop, I was told and they clean themselves and they love to be petted and sit on your lap.  Even sleep on the bed if you want them to.

So when a friend’s cat had kittens, she asked me if I was interested and she said that I could have the pick of the litter.  Enter Merlin!  He seemed to be so darn easygoing and of course cute as a kitten.  Well he was a holy terror when I got him home.  Knocking over everything that wasn’t nailed down, including a lamp and vase, smashing the vase.  It just happened to be in his way as he leaped from chair to table and all around the house.  Good thing he was so darn cute.

To be continued.

This is going to be a longread, so I am breaking it up into two or three pieces.Thanks for reading and for any feedback you would like to contribute.


To Merlin

Merlin looking out
Merlin looking out the window


Merlin came into my life when just a tiny kitten

He was wild and adorable from the beginning

He would race around the house from window to window

Knocking down anything in his path whatsoever

I would find lamps down and bulbs smashed to bits

If it happened to get in his way

He would sit on the window sill and watch

All the birds in the bushes outside

He’d meet me at the door when I came home

And walk me to the door when I left

He was only fourteen when he left me

Too young to be gone but then

I am so thankful for the time we did have

And I know I will see him again.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”

Merl amid the posies
Merlin amid the posies. Acrylic painting


If my furniture and other inanimate objects could talk and have feelings, what would I apologize to them for?

Well first I guess I abuse my computer chair the most! I am on it most of the time much to my cat Merlin’s chagrin. He tries to vie for attention first by patting me on the leg, then when that does not work, he puts a little claw into the patting. Then I push him away with a reprimand.

Now to give Merlin a break I must say he is very patient as he does not start this until I’ve been on the computer a few hours. And he also, in addition to wanting my attention he actually wants to sleep on the chair. He also likes to be near the computer for the heat it throw off. It’s gotten so bad, I have even put a hassock next to my chair so he can be close to me and his beloved chair. This works for a while, but soon he is at it again.

And oftentimes, I finally give up and go and do some necessary chore I was supposed to be doing anyway. He is curled up on the chair when I return and often as not, I don’t have the heart to make him get off the chair.

So as far as the chair is concerned I do heartily apologize as it has taken abuse over the years. From both myself and Merlin. In fact, I just had to get a new chair as the old one was worn out. I am still keeping it though and using it at my art board in the bedroom. The chair seems to like it in there, not as much use but always at the ready when necessary!