Continuing Chapter I

There was a young man in Marie’s class, his name was Joe Kaminsky.  He was a nice looking boy and had no problem attracting girls.  He was quite aware of this and lost no opportunity in doing so.  Attracting girls that is.  Marie knew him because the Catholic school was small and everybody knew everybody and their families  but she was not interested in getting to know him better.  Marie herself was pretty popular with both the girls and the boys in her class.  She knew that Joe was a big flirt and he was always in trouble.

Marie was sixteen at the time and I was fourteen.  We had our separate friends that we hung out with but usually got along with each other’s friends.  Joe was in Marie’s class so she knew him better than I did and when she heard that he was expelled, she wasn’t too surprised.  He had been held back by the nuns, so he was older than most of the other kids.  He was seventeen where most of the other students were sixteen.  So when Joe got expelled, the class was buzzing with the news and everyone wanted to know what was the reason.  Marie knew that he was usually late for school and was a distraction in class, usually talking to girls sitting next to him but she knew that wasn’t enough to expel him.  One day he wasn’t in class and no one saw him after that.

It didn’t come out until much later that he had gotten a girl pregnant.   It was not a girl from his class or even from the school, so the nuns were relieved but not happy about having him in their school and that’s why they expelled him.  He managed to get into public school though and graduated by the skin of his teeth.  His parents did not seem overly concerned about him.  They had the attitude that ‘boys will be boys’.  They really wanted him working and turning over his paycheck to them, which he did as soon as he graduated from high school.

He continued seeing Janet, the girl he had gotten pregnant and there was even talk of them getting married.  Her parents were not happy about her being pregnant and had spoken to Joe’s parents about the possibility of their daughter marrying Joe.  In those days no one even thought of abortion, besides it was against the law.  So it looked like there was going to be a shotgun wedding.

After much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth by the parents, they were married, in a small civil ceremony  with only their immediate families present.  Neither set of parents were very happy about the situation but with a baby on the way it was the only solution they could come up with.  The parents chipped in and gave them enough money to have a weekend in New York City for their honeymoon.

The wedding news was in the local paper and a few friends of the bride and groom gave each other knowing glances.  Of course, they were insulted that they were not invited to the wedding.

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