Daily Post/A Day to Remember With Unlimited Funds

I have been given unlimited funds to go and spend a day doing anything I normally couldn’t do!”

Well let me see now, I know what I would do if I was a kid and used to go to the movies as often as possible.  My fervent wish was to get one of each of the boxes of candy in the machine at the movie house.  Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, I never did have that wish fulfilled.  I probably would have passed out from sugar shock or worse.

But now as an adult my wishes have changed quite a bit.  Being an artist, I would like to travel to the great art centers of the world.  Most of these places would require flying there in a plane.  I am not too happy about traveling anymore, especially flying, since they have instituted the anti-terrorism rules and regulations.  Which include taking your shoes off and having a body scan, which are certainly an invasion of privacy to say the least and unconstitutional at the worst.  No, no flying anymore!

But I digress, the art museums I most want to visit would be in France and Italy, especially the Louvre.  Also St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is something I have dreamed of visiting.  But the crowds would be daunting I am sure.  So, it is all wishful thinking for me I am afraid.

O Captain, My Captain!

Memorial for Elmer.


The Harbor with Sailboat THE HARBOR

Oh Captain, My Captain

By Walt Whitman

(From Leaves Of Grass)

(Changes by Marion Glennon)

O Captain! My Captain! Your fearful trip is done,

Your soul has weathered every storm, the prize you sought is won,

The port is near, the bells you hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;

But O heart! heart! heart!

O the bleeding drops of red,

Where on the deck my Captain lies,

Fallen cold and dead.

The soul is anchored safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,

From fearful trip the victor soul comes in with object won;

Exult O shores and ring O bells!

But I with mournful tread,

Walk the deck my Captain lies,

Fallen cold and dead.

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