I have decided to do a photo gallery on a bi-weekly basis.  Depending on how well it is received, I will continue this as a regular theme. It will be a gallery of photos that I have taken, starting with some photos I have already and some that I will be taking as the weeks go on.  I will be interested in what my readers think of the idea.

Abstract Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas
"Lady with parasol" Acrylic on canvas
“Lady with umbrella”
Acrylic on canvas
The Artist's Studio Acrylic on canvas
The Artist’s Studio
Acrylic on canvas


To begin here  are a few  paintings I have done over the years.  I will be showing more  of my paintings from time to time and also photos I have taken in the past, up to recently.  Hope you enjoy.

Got the idea from today’s prompt on Blogging 101.

8 thoughts on “PHOTO GALLERY

  1. Yes, please do share more. I love the colors in the abstract “Acrylic” but it first strikes me as being some object rather than an abstract, so I’m a little confused with it. I keep wanting to make a bottle or gift wrapping or something. It is beautiful though. My favorite is the lady with the umbrella. It is somewhat defined but leaves me with the choice of her mood.


    1. Actually that is not the model, she is his muse. It is a small part of a huge painting that hangs in a famous gallery in Paris. Each character in the painting I did, represents something, not exactly what you see. Thanks for your comments


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