A Sudden Downpour

Main St. (during a parade)
Main St. (during a parade)


I was out walking along Main Street, as I try to do most days, usually for the exercise and sometimes to buy a few things I need.  Main Street  has quite a few stores within the several  blocks I walk.   Several banks, and a Post Office are in the area also which it makes it convenient.  Of course a coffee shop or two just happen to be located on Main Street also,which I have been known to frequent on more than one occasion.

As I was walking along deciding where to go next,  suddenly  a  flash of lightning followed by a great noise of thunder struck, making me jump!    I decided to duck into the library as it was the closest building at hand.  More than a few people had the same idea it seemed as the library was crowded.  Of course I did not have an umbrella with me at the time, so I decided to stay for a while.  I found an empty chair at one of the long tables  and draped my jacket over the back.  The library was one of my favorite places so I decided I would pick out a few books and peruse them while I waited for the storm to abate.

I hadn’t planned on getting any more books because I had several  at home waiting to be read.  It did not take me long to find books by a few authors I enjoy and before long I was deep into the first book I had picked up.  When I really get into a book I sometimes lose all track of time.  So I did not realize how late it was until the lights flickered and a voice announced that the library would be closing soon.  Sure enough it was closing time and a line formed at the take out counter.

As I stood in line, I debated whether I should get any more books at this time.  I decided to take the book and check it out since it was so very interesting to me.  When I left the library with my book in tow, it was still drizzling but the book was nestled in a plastic bag I brought with me; so I decided to go into the coffee shop which was right next to the library.  Maybe the rain would completely stop before I left.

I did manage to finish my latte and also a biscotti before I left the coffee shop  and sure enough the rain had stopped! After my experience first with the storm, then the library and lastly a delicious latte with a pastry, I could not have planned such a pleasant day if I tried!



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