Writing for Someone in Particular

Mother with my sister
Mother with my sister

This is about an “Ideal” Reader for today’s prompt.    It is a video of Engelbert Humperdinck singing “Please Release Me” which was one of my mother’s favorites both him and the song.  Enjoy!


While I don’t think I write for anyone in particular at least not that I am aware.  I know I don’t consciously think about it when I am writing but I suppose I want my mother to like and enjoy whatever I am writing.  She was an avid reader herself, becoming more so in her old age.  She was living with my sister when she was in her eighties and she started having health problems.

My sister did not have any children and she and her husband had a large home with plenty of room and time to take mother to her doctor’s appointments and out to lunch, which they both dearly loved.  The lunch part, not the doctors.

As my mother aged, she read more than ever, so my sister said it was easier going to the library, than buying all those books.  Mother also kept up with the politics of the day and could speak on almost any subject.  She had opinions on just about everything also, but she would only share them if someone was interested.

So I like to think that she would like my writing and be happy that I am sharing some of our family’s stories with the world at large.  My father would not be happy with a lot of my writing which included himself and was definitely not flattering.

Mother was a great storyteller herself and when she was in the mood and had an audience, she could hold people in rapt attention.  When I was in high school, my girlfriends would come to visit just to hear mother’s stories.

So I hope she’s enjoying my writing now and is happy that I am carrying on a tradition that she started.



6 thoughts on “Writing for Someone in Particular

  1. This is sweet, Marion. Probably most every daughter longs for approval from mother. For you, you probably also want to “reward” her for her care and protection for you.


  2. This sets in a place and time I wish could see and spy on for a day or so… It’s good to see women paying homage and respect to their mothers, I’ve been visiting a lot of blogs written by women, and often I read about their mother, about how greatly they’ve been missunderstood, or taken for granted, or celebrated. I like this ideia of telling your story through the memories of a child 🙂

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