California St.-looking down towards the ocean.


A Day Like Any Other

It was a day like any other, a Sunday, only different because everyone was off work and it was quieter than usual out on the street.  Traffic noise was at a standstill, nothing was going on because a lot of people go to church or to brunch or just out for coffee at local coffee-shops.  I arose at my usual time and staggered to the kitchen to put on the tea kettle.  Can’t do much without my tea in the morning.  I usual have about three cups before the old brain waves kick in.

My favorite tea being green tea and now they have so many flavors of green tea, it is hard to pick one.  So every time I go to the store, I pick up a different flavor.  Sometimes its green tea with white tea added, which has a very smooth taste and I like it a bit better than the others.  Others have a fruity flavor added to the green, like mango or peach and then there’s green with jasmine.  It’s always a decision for me in the morning.  Sometimes I reserve the chamomile for the evening, it is so soothing.

After breakfast this morning I go to the computer and check out the news of the day, which of course is never good and sure enough there’s been another school shooting.  I don’t know why I even check the news at that time but it is pretty much in your face when you turn the computer on and I tell myself that I need to have a news free day at least once a week.

My family is usually busy with other things on the weekends, so it is just Lady and myself and she enjoys the extra lap time, while I write my morning notes.  My morning’s writings can be just anything that happened the day before or plans for the day or if I remember a dream I had, I try to jot more of it down and figure it out.  If I am really feeling creative I start a story, short or otherwise, maybe a poem.

By the time I am finished with the notes, it is usually time for lunch and today I am feeling very hungry.  On Sunday I sometimes have a muffin with cream cheese, one that I got at the Farmers Market on Saturday or a scone I got at the same place.  Mostly I buy veggies at the Market but a few local bakeries have stands there and are hard to resist.

When I am done with lunch, Lady usually gets on the bed on the pillows of course, in the sun and she’s off into dreamland for several hours.  Today I have elected to go for a walk downtown for some much-needed exercise.  So armed with sunscreen, a light jacket and a hat I take off.  I take a few dollars with me in case I see something I may like in the several thrift stores on the way.

It is really sunny when I get outside and the hat and sunglasses come in handy.  I go in a few thrift stores but do not find anything I like or need.  Oh well, next time, I tell myself.

About an hour later I find myself back in my apartment and ready for a nap myself.   So I find my book and lie down on the couch where after reading for a while, I fall asleep for at least an hour. When I wake up, it is time for dinner, so I fix myself a light salad and after I am finished it is time to watch a movie.  Time is sure flying by today, I think.  As I am just getting into the movie, the phone rings.  It is my daughter.

Her voice sounds funny and it dawns on me that she has been crying.

“What is it?” I ask.

“It’s Kay,”  she chokes.

“What’s the matter?”  I am really concerned now.

My mind races with all kinds of scenarios, Kay, my sister had just emailed me a few days before and everything was fine.

“She had a heart attack.”

“What,” I gasp.

“Kay had a heart attack and died.”


Story about what happened on one day in your life.

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