What Do I Do When Not Writing?

Above is one of the things I have done and want to get back to when I have the energy.  Painting!  It is an acrylic painting of a Florida Panther.  In my About Page you will see that I have taken many classes in painting and for several years I was painting almost daily.  It has fallen by the wayside of late but I am constantly thinking I need to get back to it.

I lose track of time and go into a zone when I am painting usually, though not all the time.  I have used oils, acrylics and pastels.  Would also like to do watercolors at some point.  This painting has been sold and I have recently had an offer on another painting I did awhile ago, “Starry Night,” after Van Gogh.

I also am an avid reader and every day or night you will find me with my nose in a book.  But I suppose most writers are readers also.  My favorite subject is mysteries as I love trying to solve the mystery as I am reading.  One of my favorite authors is Jeffrey Deaver and I know he is a bit strange but that’s what makes his stories so interesting.  I love many and varied authors and have been going to the library for my books now although have been thinking about getting a Kindle.

On the physical side I try to walk every day but sometimes do not make it every day but most of the time.  Gotta keep the blood circulating!