A Letter to Myself

Marion and Merlin

A Letter to Myself

Dear Marion,

I know you have been saddened recently by all the deaths in the family over the past several months but you really have to pull yourself together.  Breaking into tears at the slightest provocation is not helping you or anyone else.  It’s understandable of course but you need to get out and do more and try to get back to normal again.  Whatever normal is anyhow.

I know your beloved cat, Merlin, of fifteen years got sick and died suddenly, nine months ago, but you still have Lady, Merlin’s little sister to help you get through the grieving process.

Then almost five months ago you lost your favorite brother-in-law to Cancer of course.  Cancer seems to be running rampant in the world!  All my three sisters had it.  This seemed to be  a bit easier to take as you had known about his illness in advance and was able to get up to visit him just before he died. Your sister really took it hard but seemed to be doing well:  she even went to a few classes for people who are grieving.

You went up to visit your sister along with your oldest daughter and stayed with her for a week to try to help her with all the things one needs to do when there is a death in the family.  Aren’t you glad that you made that trip and had that time together?

You all went out to eat and to coffee shops quite a bit, which is one of yours and your sister’s favorite things to do and also one of your daughter’s favorite things to do.  That seems to run in the family, the going to have coffee and or lattes at a local Starbucks.  It is a favorite gathering place for the family.

Then last month you were completely devastated when your sister passed away after having a heart attack.  I know that was completely unexpected as she had been doing so well or seemed to be after the death of her husband. They had always planned on dying together.   I know you were planning to visit her in a few weeks.  But we never know what the future holds for us, do we?

And so I understand how devastated you must be feeling but you have to be strong and be there for your daughters, the ones that actually care and Lady who depends on you for everything.  Lady misses Merlin almost as much as I do.  Together you can get through this time of pain and loss.  I look forward to being there for you also in this your time of need.