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My Workspace


Where I write depends to a large extent on how I am feeling that day.  Sometimes I feel like just relaxing and sitting in my recliner, armed with a tablet taken from a nearby three drawer stand which houses my tablets, pens,  pencils and a few sketch books, in case I feel like drawing also.  Of course when I am on the recliner, my cat, Lady insists on being on my lap.  That is not a problem because once she settles down, which sometimes can take quite awhile,  she falls asleep and then I can write.

Of course, I must have my cup of tea at the ready on the stand or I wouldn’t be able to write.  I usually get my best writing done in this position with no music or interruptions or any kind.  I actually go off into another realm when I am writing in the tablet with a pen on the recliner and since a lot of my stories are about my early life growing up, I do actually go back into the past and sometimes get lost there.  If anything unpleasant comes up, which it inevitability does, then I have to shake it off and try to continue.  Also, I sometimes add it to the story warts and all.

Other times I find that just sitting at the computer writing on the keyboard works well for me.  Easier to correct errors and change words or sentences around as necessary.  And of course editing is easy also on the computer.   I can leave my writing, saving it first of course, and go and do something else and come back later to finish what I was writing.  The computer certainly has its advantages that handwriting does not.  Of course the cup of tea is also at the ready when I am at the computer.


Haven’t tried the contact page yet but if anyone wants to contact me they can leave a message in the comment section for now.  Will try to get a contact page out in the near future.