These are a few of my favorite things…….



Girl in Woods
Girl in Woods

Day 2 of Writing 101:  Make a list of things you like. Or write a poem about the things you like.

Lattes and cookies and kitties with whiskers

Shopping for new clothes and animal litters

When the rain falls, when the cats meow

Brings a smile to my face somehow

When the wind blows and the snow falls

I  then find myself shopping at malls.


The Autumn leaves in the wind blowing

Colors so vibrant, then comes the snowing

The bears and cubs are hibernating

As the world is slowly vibrating

Another season has passed and then

Another year will begin again.








The prompt for Day One is:  Why I Write?

I write because I enjoy it so much and things seem to pop into my head as I am writing.  Things which I did not even know where in there and sometimes surprise even me.  I feel lighter after writing as though I have gotten something off my mind that needed to be put down in written form.  Even if I am not going to use the writings for anything, at least at that time, just the act of writing is comforting and relaxing.

It seems that after I have written something, it stays with me and I will go back at a later date and use something I have written in a poem or story,  I always have several tablets for my “Morning Notes, as I call them even though it is not always in the morning that I write.

Although, the morning is the best time for me to write.  The words seem to fly from my mind onto the page in the morning. My mind is  less cluttered before the cares of the day intrude and carry me off in so many different directions.

I, of course, have a cup of tea nearby to warm and comfort me as I am writing.  It just wouldn’t be the same without my steaming cup of tea.  And last, I write because as Sylvia Plath said, “I have a voice within me that will not be still.”