A Limerick!


There was a young man from Diluth.

He did have a line that was smooth.

His voice was so cool,

He made all the girls drool.

When he smiled, he seemed very uncouth.

I decided to go with the traditional Limerick and I also added an element of imperfection.  So “two out of three ain’t bad.” right?

Limerick is the Form.

Imperfect is the Prompt.

Left out the Device:  Enjambment

6 thoughts on “A Limerick!

  1. Hi, Marion, I also left enjambment out of my limerick. Just couldn’t get a beat going with it. But I have seen some pretty good ones today that included that device so it is possible for some. Good sharing some time with you.


    1. I just didn’t have time to do more today. Enjambment sounds like it would be fun to work with though, at another time, Nice chatting with you too.


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