The Crystal Ball

Jumping into unknown
Jumping into unknown

This is the last class in 101 Writing and our assignment is to write about what we will do or expect to do in the future.

I picked this Crystal Ball moment to answer this question.  What does the rest of 2015 hold for you?


Who knows what the future holds?  Certainly not me.  We can say we hope to do this, or we hope to do that or I want to accomplish so and so but when all is said and done, like the song says, “What Ever Will Be, Will Be.”  I always liked that song.

I used to believe we could plan our future and follow those plans to the letter and accomplish all our goals.  And maybe to a certain extent, things do work out the way we planned them, sometimes.  But there is always something or someone to come along and throw a wrench into our plans.

Sure, we can start over again with our plan or goal but occasionally or more often, we have to take a detour and go about it another way.  Or we get discouraged and drop the plan entirely because of something happening to you, your family or any number of things.   I know I certainly have had to change plans many times in my life.  And I usually do not seem to get back to doing what I was planning to do.  Or it changes drastically to something entirely different.

I find that very rarely do my plans or goals proceed in a straight line from A to B to C.  No, something and often many things, appear in my path and before I know it, my plans have changed and I am doing something completely different from what I had originally planned.

So my outlook now that I am older, is very different from what it used to be in my younger days.  I do not strive to meet that goal no matter what.  I take it slower and easier and in my stride and if it does not happen, it does not happen.  I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.   Maybe I do not accomplish everything I wanted to, but I think I am happier. Now I follow the song, “What Ever Will Be, Will Be,” religiously.

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