A Haiku About Water

Bird in Gulf oil slickThe bird wants to live

The oil is dragging him down

I wonder if he will?

This is an older post I published back in February of this year.  It was a sketch I made and sold to help save the birds and animals from the devastation of a large oil spill.  The challenge was write a Haiku about water.

A Sonnet For The Last Day

Me and Merlin
Me and Merlin



When I was young I traveled far

Over land and sometimes sea

But even though I had no car

I  traveled very happily.


I danced every night until the wee hours

Of wine I tasted it all

I was constantly bestowed with flowers

I did not think that I would fall.

While pleasures were  many in my past

The joy that I knew was fleeting

My friends told me it could not last

Soon pain I would be meeting.


In the end I met all my fears

I was all alone and also in tears.

Last Day of class:  A Sonnet, Pleasure and Apostrophe

Not sure I got the Apostrophe right.

It’s a bittersweet day, I am happy it is over and sad that

it is over.  Thanks everyone for a fun ride.


Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug


An Elegy to Coffee

I loved it so during my youth

But I certainly have to tell the truth

It made my life happy for a while

Until the day I forgot to smile

Now I can not have it evermore

The aroma, the flavor, the taste galore

The cries and the moans do no good

I’d love to have it if only I could

But if I did, my belly would ache

So I have to renege, for my own sake.

Thought I’d try the elegiac couplets here.

Let me know what you think.


California St.-looking down towards the ocean.


The neighborhood is mixed you know

It has a lot of gray

Of course included in this mix

There also are some crazy.


When walking down the street by day

Is not  safe for the slow

At night you have the drunks you see

So walking is no go.

So if you are aged, you carry a spray

And keep hoping for the best

Also, a cell is a good thing to have

It’s almost like the Wild West!


Today’s lesson is about:  Ballad, assonance and neighborhood.

Our Changing Faces

Scan 2


Mother at Christmas
Mother at Christmas



Our once bright faces have changed with the years

Where once we were happy and gay

We sang and we danced our troubles away

As we age, we have fears with so many tears.


The smiles are fewer now, but still they come

To brighten our faces and yes, to warm us

The lines tho deep, don’t ever really harm us

We laugh in the face of whatever is to come.


I went for everything except the found poetry.  Not enough time.

Will try again at another time.




An Ode to the Sea!

The Harbor
The Harbor


All roads lead to the sea, at least for me

The freeways, town roads and bicycle paths

All roads converge at the sea, eventually

The sea is in my blood,  since ages ago

I’ve been dreaming of this day to come

Finally arrived at my destination and so

Am happy  that I don’t have to dream

I look out now and know the sea is there

Where once it was only a pleasant scheme.


Our Prompt for today is:  Map

Our Form today is:  Ode

Our Device for today:  Metaphor



A Limerick!


There was a young man from Diluth.

He did have a line that was smooth.

His voice was so cool,

He made all the girls drool.

When he smiled, he seemed very uncouth.

I decided to go with the traditional Limerick and I also added an element of imperfection.  So “two out of three ain’t bad.” right?

Limerick is the Form.

Imperfect is the Prompt.

Left out the Device:  Enjambment

The Skin I’m In

Me and mother In my forties
Me and mother
In my forties


Me at present time
Me at present time

The Skin I’m In

The age of reason starts at seven and suddenly, we are eleven.  Our skin at these ages resemble the pages of a well-loved book, from the time it was new.  As the time passes, our skin forms few wrinkles and the pages of the book begin to form dimples.

Then, the older we get, the skin shows the net, of the years as the book’s skin  starts to begin to look older you see.

When we are much older, we become bolder and we look with dismay at the skin we display; then we cover it with creams and makeup it seems; to our jaded eye, nothing can hide the passage of time, no matter the clime.

In the end we give up, because try as we may; “It really makes no difference,”  you say.

Our lesson for today has a Theme of:  Skin

The form is:  Prose Poetry

The device is:  Internal Rhyme


The Gift





My, he was a gift so fine

Even though I picked him out

Really, for myself one time

Loved him so but he had to leave

I miss him very much, you know

Now when I’m alone, the tears flow.

Our prompt for the day is: Gift
Our form for today is: Acrostic
Our device for today is: Simile

Think I have managed the acrostic and the prompt. I am happy with that.


Our assignment today is:  Haiku

Our prompt for today is:  Screen

Device for today :  Alliteration