We on Writing 101 are supposed to do a series of Vignettes (short, episodes, scenes or anecdotes). They need to have a common feature tying them together, whether it is a repeated phrase, a similar setting or the appearance of the same person. I think I have accomplished this, at least I hope so.


My daughter and I usually go for coffee or lattes to one of our local haunts when she comes to visit. We not only enjoy the coffee but sometimes have a biscotti or other snack to go with the drinks. Of course, we talk and catch up with the latest news, both in the family and the world at large. Since we do not see each other for a few weeks or longer, there is always a lot to talk about.

We, my daughter and I, go for coffee or lattes quite often when we see each other. Seems we like it better than just staying at home and having our coffee there. Our conversation includes how good our drinks have been made, the quality of the foam, etc. These things are important, especially since we paid a small fortune to get the exact drink we want. Our talks includes what is happening in the family at that time, sometimes not much, then it switches to the world news. We both have our opinions on that!

When we go for coffee and lattes, my daughter and I are always hoping to get a good seat in the coffee-house as there are not many of those. Usually we find a table that satisfies us and one or the other will go for our drinks. When we are finally settled, our conversation can go anywhere from what movie we have seen recently or book we have read and either liked or not. Sometimes we talk about who is presently sick in the family and how bad it is and hopefully recovered.

Recently, when my daughter and I went for coffee or lattes the conversation quickly turned grave. We have had more than our share of deaths in the family of late.
My daughter’s beloved cat who was a part of her family, passed away while she was driving him to the Vet. We discussed how traumatic that was for her and how long it takes to get over something like that, if ever. It was only a few weeks later that my beloved cat, Merlin passed away. He had been sick only a short time and he died so quickly with me at home, that I was in shock.

My daughter and I get relief from sharing our tragedies with each other while having our coffee and lattes. It seems to help, being in a place that’s familar, drinking our coffee and commiserating with each other. Soon after the deaths of our well-loved cats, another member of the family fell ill. It was my sister’s husband. They had been together a long time and he had only been sick a short while. There was little the doctors could do to prolong his life at that point and he said he was ready to go without any heroics.

So life goes on and my daughter and I still go to our favorite coffee haunts. We have either coffee or lattes and the traditional biscotti. We still chat about mundane things and we are thankful when we have only mundane things to talk about.

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