Acrylic painting of Santa
Acrylic painting of Santa

This is for the 101 Writing Challenge to write a story in 50-100-150 words. If you are used to writing longer pieces,it is hard to do especially for me, as I tend to go on and on…….
I pared this down to 249 words. That was the best I could do.

It was right before Christmas when mother told us that Aunt Wynne was coming to visit. We really liked Aunt Wynne because she was funny and always acted like a kid herself. We couldn’t wait to see her.

The first words out of Aunt Wynne’s mouth were, “By the way, Santa will not be coming this year. He was arrested and is now in jail. So I guess none of you will be getting any presents on Christmas.”

My two younger sisters started crying. I was seven years old, and my older sister was nine. We were kind of on the borderline between believing and not believing, so I was trying to hold back the tears that were escaping despite my efforts.

My mother came in with cookies and lemonade and noticed the tears flowing. When she heard what Aunt Wynne was telling us, she got angry and demanded that Aunt Wynne recant her story. She said that she was only joking to see how we would react. Mother told us we would be getting presents on Christmas.

Aunt Wynne left shortly thereafter, and we did not see her on Christmas or for a long while after. We were very happy that Santa was not in jail and he would be visiting our house.

8 thoughts on “A STORY TO REMEMBER

  1. I believe the writing challenge was for the purpose of making us be conscious of our word count, and to do something different than usual. If you wrote the story and deliberately “cut” some words or phrases out, you probably achieved the goal of the assignment. I sure had to consciously cut a little here and add a little there to do the 100 word goal. It was fun. Mine is at http://onetahayes.com/2015/09/22/coffee-interlude/ See you around.


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