Chatting and reflecting over coffee.

One of my favorite things to do is sit at home and have either coffee or tea (more likely), while writing just about anything. My next favorite thing is going to a coffee shop with one of my daughters and sitting with our coffees, lattes or teas and talking about anything that comes into our heads or just catching up, as we like to do. It is usually a free range of ideas from politics to the weather and what it is going to do next, the fires in California, or just gossiping. We never seem to be at a loss for words. We could go on for hours but one of both of us usually has something else we have to do and so our coffee break usually only lasts under an hour before we have to depart.

Sometimes I find myself in our local coffee shop alone and these times I can’t help but notice the people around me and there is usually an interesting assortment of people to observe. There is certainly never a lack of someone interesting to make up a story about. My imagination will usually will go to the bizarre, as I love murder mysteries. There has to be at least one dead body in the story or I am not interested. I think there are quite a few people that are into murder mysteries, judging by the amount of murder mysteries sold in this and other countries.

Sometimes tiny birds fly into the coffee shop if the doors are open and they pick up the crumbs that people have dropped. The birds all have their own personality and it’s fun to watch their antics.

So just going for coffee either by yourself or with someone else, you can usually come up with an idea for a story or a story itself.

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