No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

_Eleanor Roosevelt

I looked up to Eleanor Roosevelt because she was the wife of Franklin Roosevelt and he was my hero from the time I was a child.  He had been in office for four terms which was unheard of at the time.

This saying by Roosevelt reminds me of when I was growing up and constantly being compared to my father by my mother, whenever I did something she disapproved of.  Which was pretty often as I recall.

My father had left us so many times I could not keep track.  He lost his job as a teacher and refused to work in any other capacity after that.  So as a result we were poor as church mice and my mother had to take up the reins of the bread winner and get a job.  Not easy when you have four kids to take care of.

So father was not in any of our good graces as you might expect.  And when my mother would say to me, “You are just like your father,” I knew I was being insulted and was constantly struggling for a response.  This is what I came up with and for a kid of seven years old, I thought it was pretty good.

“Well, at least he is good looking!” I would shout back at mother.  I think that took her by surprise and she had to laugh, saying,”You got me there.”  We would then have a standoff until the next time.

I never accepted that fact that I was in some way inferior because of the constant reminder of being like my father.  I decided that I was just as good if not better than everybody else.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote has always resonated with me.  She was a strong woman and good example especially for women and girls.


8 thoughts on “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

  1. I can relate to this. My mother would often try to insult me by calling me a brat. In her native Spanish, the word is “malcreado” a combination of the words “mal” (bad) and “creado” (created). It literally means I was created or raised badly. I would always stop her, face her dead in the eye and say, “Well, who’s fault was that?”


  2. Great post. My dad always called me stupid or stupid little girl, which was a bigger insult since he didn’t/doesn’t value women at all. I have always tried to be very careful to not say things like this to my boys. I know how hard it has been to overcome the horrible comments made to me. Thanks for writing it.


    1. Thank you. So nice to hear. Sorry about your bad experiences. I sometimes wonder what parents are thinking when they make remarks like these to their children.

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