Lady looking at bird
Lady looking at bird

Our assignment for today for Writing 101 is:  Pick a word from a list we were given and write about whatever that word signifies for you.  I picked the word treasure.

As I grow older I am learning to treasure the smallest things that before did not seem that important to me. Things like catching a glimpse of the sun setting, with all the colors that are awe-inspiring.  Or taking a short walk and noticing all the things that before, while passing in a car, were hardly noticeable; like birds sitting on rooftops and twittering to each other or taking a bath in a fountain nearby and the leaves just starting to turn different colors.

While on the same walk stopping at the local coffee shop and enjoying a latte with extra foam, my favorite.  Sometimes I just visit the library and am surprised to find a new book by one of my  favorite authors.  The anticipation of reading that book and the satisfaction of finally finishing it are beyond compare.

I walk a little slower now and I use a cane, (have had a few foot surgeries) but it has only slowed me down a little, not stopped me by any means.  These are some of the things I treasure now and they are more meaningful than a lot of what I did when I was younger.

So I find that now my treasures are many and my appreciation comes more easily.


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