Ocean scene

Ocean scene

The word for today in Poetry 101:  Rehab is Hiatus;

Hiatus comes from the Latin  Hiare, to yawn,

Also a break in an object:  GAP, or a lapse in continuity

We in the West consider a hiatus a break in our mundane lives and all that entails.  A time to study or a vacation of sorts.


I took a hiatus from heartache and ills

To read and relax and gaze at the hills

And for a time, all was well

But soon enough I was bored as hell

“Be active, you fool,” a voice seemed to cry

“Soon you”ll be ashes: You don’t have to try.”

10 thoughts on “HIATUS

  1. Don’t get a sunburn when enjoying warmth instead of cold and nonchalant everyday chores 🙂

    A very expressive piece with some reallystrong words – I liked it a lot!


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