Appreciate the Mundane

Tea Kettle
Tea Kettle


There is nothing more mundane than the tea kettle!  At least that’s my opinion.  But I love it all the same, mundane  though it may be.  I use it each and every day, in fact, several times a day, for my favorite cup(s)  of green tea. I also drink regular tea but sometimes it’s too strong for me and it upsets my stomach.

I used to drink coffee and tea but the coffee was too much for my delicate belly, so that went the way of all things I couldn’t have.  Thank goodness there are so many kinds of green tea.  There’s decaf which sometimes I have in the evening, and there’s green tea with white tea, which is so smooth and I think that is my favorite of all.

But through it all the trusty tea kettle is there with its whistle to call me from wherever I am in the house to make my cup of tea.  What would we do without all the mundane things we use on a constant basis?

8 thoughts on “Appreciate the Mundane

  1. Love this reminder of how the mundane little things are really part of the bigger picture of our lives, small habits and all are so comforting to us, I think. 🙂


  2. Yes, what would we done without the mundane things! It’s a wonderful contribution, I’m myself familiar with this kind of kettle, though I don’t use it anymore and have an electric one. Your photo brings back memories 🙂


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