Appreciate the Mundane

Tea Kettle
Tea Kettle


There is nothing more mundane than the tea kettle!  At least that’s my opinion.  But I love it all the same, mundane  though it may be.  I use it each and every day, in fact, several times a day, for my favorite cup(s)  of green tea. I also drink regular tea but sometimes it’s too strong for me and it upsets my stomach.

I used to drink coffee and tea but the coffee was too much for my delicate belly, so that went the way of all things I couldn’t have.  Thank goodness there are so many kinds of green tea.  There’s decaf which sometimes I have in the evening, and there’s green tea with white tea, which is so smooth and I think that is my favorite of all.

But through it all the trusty tea kettle is there with its whistle to call me from wherever I am in the house to make my cup of tea.  What would we do without all the mundane things we use on a constant basis?


8 thoughts on “Appreciate the Mundane

  1. Yes, what would we done without the mundane things! It’s a wonderful contribution, I’m myself familiar with this kind of kettle, though I don’t use it anymore and have an electric one. Your photo brings back memories 🙂


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