To Sleep, Perchance to Dream


In response to the prompt from The Daily Post to write an article on sleep, dreams, etc.


I used to have a problem getting to sleep.  I would read for a while because I like to read especially right before falling asleep.  Falling asleep seems to denote an activity like falling, whatever that means and what that means about sleeping.  Because we are usually lying down when we sleep either in bed or on the couch and sometimes on comfy chairs.

I would start out in bed with a book and sometimes with a few cookies and a glass of warm milk.  Then after about an hour or so, I would start to drift off into sleep.  I usually wake about three a.m. for a pee break, then either fall right back to sleep or toss and turn for a while and finally go to sleep for the night.

Then there were nights that nothing would work and I just could not get to sleep after my rituals of the book reading and the cookies and milk.  I would turn out the lights and lay there and then toss and turn for about an hour, then get up and go to the couch again with the book.  I’d read for a while and try to sleep again.  But sometimes even that didn’t work and I would get the book out again and read some more.  In the morning I would be exhausted from either no sleep at all or a few hours in between reading.  I read more books during that period.  At least I was getting something done, I thought.

Then there was the cat factor.  Usually my two cats were good, going to their respective places on the bed and not bothering me.  In fact, they were a comfort to me mostly but sometimes when I was just falling into a nice sleep, I would feel a paw on my face or in my hair.  Of course I woke right up and was not happy.  Fortunately, that did not happen too often but usually when there was a full moon, I could count on being awakened by one or both cats.

The last few years as my age advances, I seem to have no trouble getting to sleep at night even though I sometimes take a nap in the late afternoon.  I actually look forward to going to bed, reading for about an hour, again with the cookies and milk and drifting off to sleep.

Even more so, I look forward to the afternoon naps.  I actually savor the thought of lying down on the couch with the present book I am reading, which incidentally is mostly a murder mystery and sleeping like a baby with my cat Lady, lying either on top of me or somewhere in the immediate vicinity.  Whichever is more comfortable for her of course.

2 thoughts on “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

  1. I am a fellow insomniac who has often tried reading myself to sleep. Thankfully, it works more often than not. The warm milk never helped, but camomile tea did. I eventually had to start taking Ambien. I learned that my “awake” center in my brain was stronger and more active than my “sleep” center. Either neurochemical or neuroelectrical. Not sure which. I am also a habitual viewer of Netfix originals and Hulu shows when I can’t sleep, so all is not lost.

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    1. That’s very interesting. Chamomile tea also helps me. I also am a fan of Netflix including the original series. So at least we have lots to do when we can’t sleep. Thanks for the comments.


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