Merlin My Treasure, conclusion




Merlin and Lady started getting along soon after that.  Although Merlin never quite got over that Lady could sit on my lap with him and also get petted.  He had this look when he saw me petting her that said it all.  She, of course, was oblivious to his glares and would climb over him to get a better position on my lap.

On the other hand, Lady would cuddle up with Merlin when he was lying on the couch or chair and he seemed to like it.  He would groom her and even clean her ears which she loved.  And she would do the same for him.  So they became good buddies over the years.  I really loved their antics with each other.

Then a few years ago Merlin developed a Thyroid disease.  I had to put him on a special diet and take away the dental treats he loved but he got used to the diet even though I knew he wasn’t crazy about it.

He would wait outside the door when I was giving Lady her dental treats and then when she came out, he would rush in and lick the empty dish.  I really felt bad about that, but the vet said nothing except the food she recommended.  And it did help him stay healthy for a time.

When he was drinking water, Lady would come and insert herself between him and the water bowl and start drinking.  He would always sit back and let her do it.  When she was finished, he would continue drinking.

Merlin was always very nice to Lady but sometimes he would get a wild hair and chase her around the house.  Then she would give a cry and I would reprimand Merlin of course.  But I think she loved the chasing and playing even though he would get a little boisterous at times.  It was all a game to them.

We all had a great time together until recently when Merlin got very sick and was refusing to eat or drink.  After several trips to the vet, I knew he didn’t have much time left and it all happened so suddenly that it was a shock to me.  I tried to make him as comfortable as possible and I was glad I was with him when he died.  I  will always remember the good times we had together and I still have Lady to play with and spoil and to enjoy our time together, however long that may be.



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