My Treasure Merlin continued……


Merlin was a small kitten with the biggest ears and I was wondering if he would grow into those ears.  Sure enough, he did just that.  He quickly became a good-sized cat and tipped the scales at fifteen pounds.  His fur was dark gray with almost a blue tinge and felt like velvet when I petted him.  Which was a lot, as he loved being petted.  But only by me.  He sometimes allowed family members to pet him.  And he let them know it was ok to do so by head butting their hand.  They were always happy to reciprocate but after a few pets, he warned them that was enough.  He would give them a little love bite.

He was my cat through and through and no one elses, except he let a few people in occasionally.  He was very sociable and was always  at the door to greet people when they came to visit.  Just don’t pet him, that was reserved for special people.

We had a few hairy moments when I had to rush him to the emergency hospital because he had ingested some plastic wrapping and string from a Christmas present.  And after all they did for him at the hospital, he passed it in his stool about a week later.  Of course I was frantic for a while.

He always came to the door when I was leaving and he would try to peek through the crack in the door.  And when I got home, he was usually lying on the rug I had just inside the door.  I did kind of train him as a dog I guess because he would sit and lay down for me and come when I called him.  And I swear he knew what I was saying most of the time, except when he didn’t want to know.  One of the vets I took him to remarked, “He thinks he is a dog.”

When Merlin was three, we acquired another cat, who was also three years old. I renamed her Lady.  They were calling her “Gator” which I didn’t think fit her at all.  She was so tiny with a big bushy tail and short legs with big paws.  So Lady it was.

Actually, Lady was Merlin’s sister.  They were from the same litter and Lady’s owner had gotten very sick and couldn’t keep her.  My friend, who had the mother cat took Gator at that time but she needed to find a home for her again.  At that time I was thinking Merlin might like a playmate.  I was working at the time and although it was part-time, I was away a lot and he  seemed lonely.  So I said yes to taking Lady on a trial basis.  If Merlin didn’t like her, she was out the door.

Well Merlin did not know what to make of Lady when she first came to live with us.  And Lady for being a small, dainty cat was a pretty in your face kitty.  She tried to take over my lap as hers and crawl over Merlin to get a place of honor.  Well he really didn’t like her and her antics all that much but  he would just give her dirty looks.  I separated them for a few weeks at first until they got used to each other and finally I just put them together and let the chips fall.

To be continued.


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