Sifting Through the Past…..

Mother and Marion
Mother and Marion

Sifting through the past either physically or mentally certainly brings back a lot of memories. Not the least of which is, after my Mother died and my sister and I were cleaning out her room, saving some items and putting others aside for the Salvation Army Thrift Store. We hate to throw anything away.

My Mother had moved in with my youngest sister and her husband when she was in her eighties because she was having some problems getting around by herself.  Not getting around physically but going to doctors appointments and to the grocery store for provisions. She had never learned how to drive which made things even harder to get around in the city.  My sister had a beautiful home with plenty of room and no children.  Which worked out fine for all of us especially my Mother.

Mother was not very happy about leaving her cozy apartment where she was on her own and enjoyed her autonomy. She certainly loved all of us and especially the youngest daughter, so it wasn’t a matter of not appreciating the offer to go and live there.  But my sister  lived in a far away city and it would all be new and strange to mother.

After a short time, she was adjusting well and they had a great time going out to eat and shopping, more than mother had been used to. Mother certainly loved eating out, so  she was in her element. This took a load off all our minds knowing that she was happy living there, so we  could relax and know that mother was in good hands. We would all go and visit on a regular basis.

But back to going through mother’s stuff in her room.  We continued going through as much as we could.  My sister told me to take anything I would like to have.  We were almost done, when I happened upon a small jewelry box in one of the drawers.  There was a lot of costume jewelry in her bigger jewelry boxes and I was going to take a few pieces I would like to have.  The small ring that was in the small box was twinkling at me and I picked it up, tried it on my finger and loved it.  It was a gold ring and had an unusual setting with five separate small stones and when I asked my sister about it, she said each stone was the birth stone of each of the sisters.  And in the middle was mother’s birth stone.

My sister said that she and our oldest sister had gotten the ring for mother for a past birthday.  So I, of course, told her she should keep it.  But she insisted on my taking it since I liked it so much.  Also, it did not fit any of the other sisters.  I was happy to accept her generous offer.

I still have the ring after these many years and I still love it.  I will pass it on to one of my daughters.  So even though the ring wasn’t lost, I found it that day and have enjoyed having it ever since.

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