Mother enjoying a snack.
Mother enjoying a cuppa.


We are supposed to write about our favorite meal either to celebrate something or just a favorite meal we have had as a child.

And tell it in your own distinct voice.

As a child I remember we were suddenly very poor when our father who had lost his job as a school teacher, deserted us.  So food was scarce a lot of the time.  My mother was a good cook though and she could make shoe leather taste like steak.  Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but not much.  If she had a few potatoes, she would make potato soup with an onion and a little butter.  We, and there were four of us girls, loved the potato soup and would always gather around the table and eat it with gusto and a few slices of bread.

Mother also made a killer potato salad with lots of hard-boiled eggs, mayo and onion. When mother’s sisters knew potato salad was for dinner they just happened to show up for a visit around dinner time.  Even though we barely had enough for ourselves, she always served the sisters first because they were company, and she may have to give them her portion.

Chocolate cake was one of her specials with chocolate icing of course.  But we only had that occasionally for special times.  If you requested it for your birthday, you usually got it.  She also baked her own bread when she had the time.  We, of course, loved that, and if she had dough left over she would fry the dough for us.  I think that was my overall favorite, the fried dough.  It was heavenly and we would argue for who got the last piece.  I was the skinniest so I usually won that argument.

But my most favorite time of all was when mother was planning a picnic in the summer, either going up to the woods or to one of the nearby lakes.  Then she pulled out all the stops and make everybody’s favorite foods.  This included, potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad and a big chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing.  Needless to say, all us kids were happy as clams on those picnics and came home sunburned, wet or damp wrapped in towels and stuffed to the gills.

Those were some good times with the family and it didn’t cost much at all.

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