Merlin my Muse
Merlin my Muse


We are supposed to lose the adverbs in today’s post, therefore making our post more interesting and giving it more life and action.  I was told over and over again in writing classes to use action verbs that keep the story moving and of course it does do that.

The Killer in the Coffee Shop

While I most enjoy going to a local haunt with a partner, going alone is a preference when I want to get input for a story I am working on.  I happened to be at Starbucks a while ago, just sipping on my latte with extra foam of course and munching on a biscotti, when I noticed a man sitting in the outside patio.  There was a window between us but I could see him well enough.

I tried to observe him without being obvious after I noticed his lips were moving and he was alone.  He wasn’t talking on the phone and he didn’t have a computer with him or any wires coming from his ears.  His eyes were darting around and his lips kept moving so at this point I was getting a little concerned.

He caught me watching him and I averted my eyes quickly feeling like an idiot.  I pulled a book out of my purse to make it seem as though I was reading and sipped at my drink.  I had a strange feeling that he was the serial killer the police were looking for in the area.  The news had carried the story in both the paper and the local TV station.  I told myself I was being ridiculous as I tried to concentrate on the book.  He did look familiar though.

Then, lo and behold, he started to get up and was gathering his stuff, coming inside and before I knew it, he was sitting in the seat at the counter right next to me.  He could not only look down at me and see everything I was doing but he could grab me and do God knows what.

By this time my heart was racing and also I started to sweat, feeling very nervous.  I couldn’t very well check to see what he was doing now as he was above me and not even an arm’s length away.  I decided the best thing to do was leave.

I started to pack up my book and finish my latte as I could not get out of there fast enough.  As I stood up and turned to go out the door, I got a good look at him and what he had with him.

On the counter in front of him was a small ipad next to his drink.  He was playing some game on the ipad!  So it was with a red face that I exited stage left.

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