On finding a letter in the street……

California St.-looking down towards the ocean.While walking downtown on my way to the Post Office, I noticed  an envelope under a tree in the adjacent park.  On closer inspection, the envelope was dirty and a little damp and also did not have a stamp on it. The envelope was open so I read it and was chagrined to find out the letter was from a mother telling her daughter that she had Cancer.  She was asking the daughter for help.  Strange I thought, usually a phone call would be quicker for news like this.  But as I read on, I saw that the two had been estranged for quite some time.

By this time I had to make a decision, or go on my way and let someone else take care of it.   I decided I couldn’t let it just go and do nothing..  So I took the letter and went to the store and bought a package of large envelopes.  I then decided to go to Starbucks, my favorite haunt in the city, to finish what I had started..

While I sat there enjoying my latte, I put the letter, which had dried by this time, into the larger envelope I just bought and addressed the new envelope, making sure the stamp was on right.  Then I went to the Post Office and mailed it.


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