The HarborThis is the Harbor in the small beach community where I live.  I have been going there for many years now, sometimes just because it is a beautiful place to visit but more often to get away from the hub bub of everyday life.

I mostly just sit in my car and sometimes I write, or do a little sketching of something I would like to paint at a later date.

The sounds you hear are seagulls and once in a while children’s voices can be heard playing on the sand.  There is a variety of boats coming in and out of the Harbor and the sound of the fog horn can sometimes be heard.

I get out of the car and take a walk along the trail near the beach area,  Just down a bit there is a tourist area with coffee shops, restaurants, and of course an ice cream place.  There is also an art gallery, which I usually visit as I know some of the local artists..

So you can have your privacy as you see in the picture above or go to the visitors’ area and enjoy.  I really go to the Harbor for the feeling of knowing the vast ocean is right there and I can just sit there and enjoy the sounds of the seagulls and the water.

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