Our prompt for today is to write for twenty minutes anything that comes into your mind.  A stream of consciousness.  So I set the clock and here is what came out.

I am sitting on my favorite chair, a big recliner with my cat, Lady, on my lap.  I usually do morning notes (not every morning) and it is interesting what comes out when I go back over the notes at a later date.

I get a lot of good ideas when I go back over the notes.  Some  I will use in a story and then possibly become a post on my blog.

Sometimes I get the glimmer of an idea and then I expand that into a story at a later time.

It’s usually best to do the notes first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.  I have a cup of green tea most mornings as that is my favorite.  I like coffee but it sometimes causes me stomach pain.

I find that green tea with white tea combined is a really smooth drink.  I am taking a sip now.

Glad to be in the Class again especially since it keeps me motivated to do some writing, if not every day, then most days a week.  And it is always interesting to read other classmates ideas and stories.  There are a lot of creative people in these classes.

And another thing, it keeps my brain working, thinking of new ideas of what to write about.

Also the photography class and the poetry class were so interesting.  I did not know I could write poetry and there I was doing poetry.  It makes one feel good about oneself to do something you never dreamed of doing.

I have expanded my horizons to such an extent that I feel as though I can go on indefinitely.

So coming to a close here with two minutes to go, I can only say that I am really getting a lot out of these classes.  So good luck to all of us who are participating in these creative endeavors.




  1. Your post was nice, and homey, cozy, with your kitty and tea. It was like we were sitting in a living room, sharing our thoughts on our passion for writing. I look forward to reading more from your as we blog along 🙂

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  2. haha I think I looked at the timer with 2 minutes left as well. Thank you for stopping in and liking my post. had you not, I would not have found your blog. Do you mind if I hang out and read some more? 🙂

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