Connect The Dots

Merlin and Lady cuddling


These two, Merlin, the bigger one and Lady the tiny one with all the fur and the big tail, which you can’t see in this picture, are great buddies.  They do fight sometimes but nothing serious, just for something to do.  One or the other will start it and I just have to say, “Stop” in a stern voice and they go to their respective corners.

Merlin does like his privacy and he will get up and leave when Lady is practically on top of him to cuddle and or sleep.  He then will just get up and leave.  Most times though, they cuddle together like you see them in this picture.  They take over my recliner and then I have to find somewhere else to sit.

They are actually brother and sister but I had Merlin at eight weeks, right from the mother cat.  Lady had two other owners before I became her caregiver and Merlin was not happy after being the top cat for so long.  They were both three years when I acquired Lady.  She had some habits that were hard if not impossible to break but overall we have all gotten along very well.  Merlin is still jealous but he takes it with a grain of salt and he defers to Lady if she comes over and eats from his dish or drinks from his water bowl, when he is actually eating or drinking.

But all in all they do connect with each other and me and we are one big happy family.

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