My Bliss is Being Close to the Ocean

An acrylic painting I did that's not quite finished.
The undersea dance!
An acrylic painting I did that's not quite finished.
The underseas dance!

What you are seeing is a painting I did of  a Manatee.  I took the top picture with my Canon a while ago and the bottom one with my iPhone a few minutes ago.  Which do you like better? The painting  is not quite finished yet but hopefully soon.  The Canon is caput now since I lost a part for it when I moved.  So for now the iPhone will have to do.

I tried to take the shots  both horizontally and vertically but the canvas is practically square so there goes that idea.

I want to say that the Ocean is really my Bliss!  I live a few blocks from it and I can see it from the top floor of my apartment building.

I love it when the fog rolls in and covers the area with its misty mystery.  Or when the skies are overcast and it looks like rain and the air is pregnant with something unexplainable.  And I can feel a shiver of delight.

Groups of dolphin can sometimes be seen close to shore swimming by and I am sorry to say I have never seen them but have heard stories.

My painting is another form of Bliss for me.  When I start painting, I lose all track of time and go into this zone.  When I am done painting, it seems as though it was a few minutes and in fact hours have passed.